Abstract-In in controlling the SSI effect. The study

Abstract-In this conventional design practice the building are assumed to be fixed at the bases even though they are supported on flexible soil media which will change the structural behavior. Therefore to estimate the realistic behavior of structure the SSI (soil structure interaction) effect shall be integrated in the investigation. In the current study two SSI models are judged for the analysis; 1st is replace soil by spring of equivalent stiffness (Discrete Support) & 2nd is considering whole soil mass beneath footing (Elastic continuum.) The flexibility support causes differential settlements and footings rotations which lead to relocation of moments/ forces in the member of construction. Provision of strap beam it is possible to control these effects. Consequently in this study an attempt is as well as made to investigate the influence of strap footing to control SSI effect.

The study is carried on 3D building frame of different story heights supported on soft soil. On the basis of IS 1893-2002 the seismic analysis is carried out using equivalent static method. The pressure of SSI on a variety of seismic parameters and the flexural parameters are presented.

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Due to provision of strap footing the transforms in all these parameters is considered in order to estimate it’s effectiveness in controlling the SSI effect. The study exposes that by providing the strap footing the SSI significantly changes the forces / moments in the members of the structure which is probable to control effectively.


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