ABSTRACTLater on, canny machines will supplant or upgrade human capacities in numerous zones. Counterfeit insight is the knowledge shown by machines or programming. It is the subfield of software engineering.

Fake knowledge is turning into a prominent field in software engineering as it has upgraded the human life in numerous territories. Fake insight over the most recent two decades has incredibly made strides execution of the assembling and administration frameworks. Study in the territory of man-made brainpower has offered ascend to the quickly developing innovation known as master framework. Application zones of Artificial Intelligence is having a tremendous effect on different fields of life as master framework is broadly utilized nowadays to tackle the perplexing issues in different zones as science, building, business, pharmaceutical, climate anticipating. The territories utilizing the innovation of Artificial Intelligence have seen an expansion in the quality and productivity. This paper gives a diagram of this innovation and the application zones of this innovation. This paper will likewise investigate the present utilize of Artificial Intelligence advances in the PSS configuration to moist the power framework motions caused by interferences, in system intrusion for securing PC and correspondence systems from interlopers, in the therapeutic are a medicine, to enhance healing facility impatient mind, for therapeutic picture arrangement, in the book keeping databases to relieve its issues and in the PC diversions.

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CONTENTS TOPICS Page. NoDEFINATION 3HISTORY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 3/4INTRODUCTION5DIFFERENT AREAS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 6/7APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 7/9DEVELOPMENTS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE9ROLE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in:i)- Securityii)- Cybersecurity Industryiii)- Home Security 9/10BENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 10/11CONCLUSION 11/12REFERENCES DEFINATIONAs per the dad of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, it is “The science and building of making keen machines, particularly insightful PC programs”. Artificial Intelligence refers to a computer-controlled robot or a software which thinks technically and intelligently in the same way as humans think and work. AI is refined by concentrate how human mind considers, and how people learn, choose, and work while endeavouring to take care of an issue, and afterward utilizing the results of this investigation as a premise of creating smart programming and frameworks. HISTORY OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEArtificial beings with the ability to think have appeared as narrative devices in Antiquity and have been common in fiction, as in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley or R.U.R. by Karel ?apek.

(Universal Robots of Rossum). These characters and their fates have posed many of the problems that are currently being discussed in the ethics of artificial intelligence. The study of mechanical or “formal” reasoning began with the philosophers and mathematicians of antiquity. The study of mathematical logic has led directly to the Alan Turing theory of computation, suggesting that a machine, trailing symbols as simple as “0” and “1”, can simulate any conceivable act of mathematical deduction. This idea, that digital computers can simulate any process of formal reasoning, is known as the Church-Turing Thesis. In addition to concomitant discoveries in neurobiology, information theory and cybernetics, researchers considered the possibility of creating an electronic brain. Turation proposed that “if a man could not distinguish between the responses of a machine and a human being, the machine could be considered” intelligent “.

The first work is now generally recognized as the AI was the 1966 formal design McCullough and Pitts complete the “Artificial Neurons”. The field of AI research was born in a workshop at Dartmouth College in 1956. Participants Allen Newell (CMU), Herbert Simon (CMU), John McCarthy (MIT), Marvin Minsky (MIT) and Arthur Samuel (IBM) has become the founder and leader of AI research. They and their students produced programs that the press described as “amazing”: computers were women’s learning strategies (c.1954) (and in 1959 would have played better than the average human), Solve the word problems in algebra, by demonstrating logical theorems (theoretician of logic, first race around 1956) and in English.

In the mid-1960s, research in the United States UU It was largely funded by the Department of Defence and laboratories were established worldwide. The founders of Amnesty International have been optimistic about the future: Herbert Simon predicts: “The machines will be able, within twenty years, to do a job that a man can do. Marvin Minsky agreed, writing: “In a generation, the problem of creating an” artificial intelligence “will be solved.

“They could not recognize the difficulty of some of the remaining tasks. Progress slowed down and in 1974, in response to criticisms by Sir James Lighthill and continued lobbying by the US Congress. UU to finance more productive projects, the two American governments. UU As the British suspended exploratory research on AI.

The next few years will be later called “Winter AI” during which it was difficult to obtain funds for AI projects.In the early 1980s, the commercial success of expert systems revived research on AI, a form of AI program that simulated the knowledge and analytical skills of human experts. In 1985, the AI market had reached more than $ 1 billion. At the same time, Japan’s fifth-generation computer project inspired the governments of the United States and Great Britain to restore funds for university research. However, after the collapse of the Lisp machine market in 1987, AI again fell into disrepute and a second, more durable hiatus began.In the late 1990s and early 21st century, AI began to be used for logistics, data mining, medical diagnostics and other areas. The success is due to the increased computing power (see Moore’s Law), more emphasis on solving specific problems, new links between AI and other areas (such as statistics, economics and mathematics) and a commitment of researcher’s mathematical methods and scientific standards.

Deep Blue became the first computer chess reproduction system to defeat world champion Garry Kasparov on May 11, 1997.In 2011, a danger! quiz show contest, the IBM question and answer system, Watson, beat the two biggest Jeopardy! champions, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, by a significant margin. Faster computers, algorithmic improvements, and access to large amounts of data have led to advances in machine learning and perception; In-depth, data-hungry learning methods began to dominate precision testing around 2012. The Kinect, which provided algorithm of Xbox One for Xbox 360, a body movement interface in 3D and Long AI Research, as well as Smart Personal Assistant for Smartphone. In March 2016, Alfago won 4 out of 5 matches in a match with Go champion Sedol, which became the first computer game system without defeating the professional player of any disabled player. At the Go Future Summit in 2017, Alfago won a three-game match with KG, which was at the top of the world for two years. It marked the completion of a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence, because Go is a game more complex than chess.According to Bloomberg, Jack Clarke, 2015 was an important year for AI, in which the number of software projects based on artificial intelligence in Google amounted to 2,700 “sporadic use” projects in 2012.

Clarke also presents evidence that, since 2011, the error rate in the work of image processing has decreased significantly. Due to an increase in cloud computing infrastructure and an increase in search tools and data sets, it gives credit for an increase in affordable neural networks. Other examples include the development of Microsoft’s Skype system, which automatically translates a language into another language, and the Facebook system can describe images to blind people. In a 2017 survey, one of the five companies reported “integrating IA into some proposals or processes”.

INTRODUCTIONIt is guaranteed that computerized reasoning plays an amusement developing part in administration science investigate furthermore, zones of operational research. Insight is more often than not information and reason are viewed as the capacity to gather about information to take care of complex issues. In the encompassing region the future astute machine will supplant people abilities in numerous zones. Artificial Intelligence study and advancement of astute machines and programming equipped for uniting rationale, learning, information, impart protests, comprehend and comprehend aptitudes successfully. John McCarthy influenced this word in 1956 as a PC to branch software engineering human, this is the computational investigation that makes it understanding the reason and the errand is conceivable.

Man-made brainpower is unique in relation to brain research since he demands it is unique in relation to it on account of the accentuation on recognition, rationale and activity It makes machines more brilliant and more helpful. that fake Neurons (works with a counterfeit nerve system) and logical hypothesis (if the announcement and afterward rationales). AI advancements have developed to the point in offering genuine handy advantages in a significant number of their applications. Major artificial intelligence territories are master systems, natural language processing, speech comprehension, robotics and sensory systems, computer vision and scene recognition, intelligent computer aided direction, neural computing. From these expert frameworks is a quickly developing innovation which is having a tremendous effect in different fields of life.

The different procedures connected in man-made brainpower are Neural System, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computing, and Cross breed Artificial Intelligence.Artificial Intelligence has more points of interest over the natural science as it is more changeless, predictable, more affordable, has the simplicity of duplication and spread, can be recorded and can perform certain undertakings significantly quicker and superior to the human. The Turing Test Approach was proposed by Alan Turing (1950) and this test was intended to test that whether a specific machine can think or not. The test includes a human investigative specialist who associates with a human and with a machine and needs to tell which one is human and which one is machine.

The PC breezes through the test if a questioner in the wake of offering some composed conversation starters, can’t tell whether the composed reaction is originating from human or from the machine. DIFFERENT AREAS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEA. Language understanding: The capacity to “get it” also, react to the regular dialect. To interpret from talked language to a composed frame and to interpret from one regular language to another characteristic language. 1) Speech Understanding 2) Semantic Information Processing (Computational Etymology) 3) Question Answering 4) Information Retrieval 5) Language TranslationB. Learning and versatile frameworks: The capacity to adjust conduct baged on past experience, and to create general guidelines concerning the world in light of such encounter. 1) Cybernetics 2) Concept Formation C.

Critical thinking: Ability to plan an issue in a reasonable portrayal, to anticipate its answer and to know when new data is required and how to get it. 1) Inference (resolution-based theorem proving, conceivable inference and inductive inference) 2) Interactive Problem Solving 3) Automatic Program Writing 4) Heuristic Search D. Perception (visual): The capacity to break down a detected scene by relating it to an interior model which speaks to the seeing life form’s “information of the world.” The consequence of this investigation is an organized arrangement of connections between substances in the scene.

1) Pattern Recognition 2) Scene Analysis E. Modelling: The capacity to build up an inward portrayal and set of change rules which can be utilized to foresee the conduct and connection between some arrangement of certifiable items or elements. 1) The Representation Problem for Problem Solving Frameworks 2) Modelling Natural Systems (economic, sociological, environmental, biological and so forth.) 3) Hobot World Modelling (perceptual and functional portrayals) F. Robots: A blend of most or the greater part of the above capacities with the capacity to move over territory and control objects.

1) Exploration 2) Transportation/Navigation 3) Industrial Automation (e.g., process control, get together tasks, executive tasks) 4) Security 5) Other (agriculture, fishing, mining, sanitation, development, and so forth.) 6) Military 7) Household G. Games: The capacity to acknowledge a formal arrangement of guidelines for games, for example, chess, Kalah, checkers, and so on., and to make an interpretation of these tenets into a portrayal or structure which permits critical thinking and learning capacities to be utilized as a part of achieving a satisfactory level of execution. 1) Particular Games (Chess, Go, Bridge, and so on.) APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEIn Power framework stabilizers (PSSs) Design: Since the 1960s, PSSs have been utilized to include damping to electromechanical motions.

The PSS is an extra control framework, which is frequently connected as a section of an excitation control framework. The fundamental capacity of the PSS is to apply a flag to the excitation framework, creating electrical torques to the rotor in stage with speed contrasts that moist out power motions. They perform inside the generator’s excitation framework to make a piece of electrical torque, called damping torque, relative to speed change.

A CPSS can be demonstrated by a two phase (indistinguishable), lead-slack system which is spoken to by a pickup K and two-time constants T1 and T2. This system is associated with a washout circuit of a time steady Tw. The flag washout square goes about as a high-sit back consistent Tw that permits the flag related with the motions in rotor speed to pass unaltered. Besides, it doesn’t permit the unfaltering state changes to adjust the terminal voltages. The stage pay obstructs with time constants T1i – T4i supply the appropriate stage lead qualities to remunerate the stage slack between the info and the yield signals.

In the field of intensity framework activity PC programs are executed and changed every now and again agreeing to any varieties. Man-made reasoning (AI) has the capacity to manage the high non-linearity of pragmatic Frameworks. The different innovations that are utilized as a part of PSSs advancement issues are ANN, FL, ES and so forth.IN Accounting Databases:The utilization of computerized reasoning (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) is examined as the premise to relieve the issues of bookkeeping databases. The accompanying are a few troubles with existing bookkeeping database frameworks. The necessities of leaders are not met by bookkeeping data. People don’t comprehend or can’t process the mechanized bookkeeping databases.

Frameworks are difficult to utilize. There is centre around the numeric information. Incorporating smart frameworks with bookkeeping databases can help (either with the leader or autonomous of leader) in the examination of huge volumes of information with or without coordinate interest of the leader. In this manner, the frameworks can dissect the information and help the client’s comprehension or deciphering exchanges to figure out what bookkeeping occasions are caught by the framework. With the man-made reasoning we store and recover learning in characteristic dialect. There are some man-made reasoning apparatuses or strategies that assistance in the more extensive comprehension of occasions caught by the bookkeeping framework. There is more accentuation on emblematic or content information instead of simply numeric information to catch setting. The computerized reasoning and master framework incorporate knowledge with the database to help clients.

Without clients coordinate support such models help the clients by dealing with expansive amounts of information. Such models additionally help the chiefs under time requirements; propose choices in the looking and assessment of information. In Computer Games:Playing recreations is a standout amongst the most well-known uses for PC innovation. In the development of PC amusements, they have developed from unassuming content based to the three-dimensional graphical amusements with complex and vast universes. The frameworks as illustrations rendering, playing sound, client info and diversion artificial intelligence (AI) at the point when assembled give the normal amusement and make an advantageous PC amusement. Artificial intelligence is the most imperative piece of each PC amusement and playing the diversion without artificial intelligence would not be any good times! On the off chance that we expel artificial intelligence from PC amusements, the recreations will be simple to the point that no one will be occupied with playing the PC amusements any longer! Without the amusement AI, the triumphant would not be troublesome by any means.

Artificial intelligence is utilized to understand basic issues in the PC amusements and give the highlights to the recreations. In particular, non-playing character (NPC) way discovering, basic leadership and learning are analysed. There are a few different ways that AI adds to present day PC amusements.

Most strikingly are unit development, re-enacted observation, circumstance investigation, spatial thinking, learning, assemble coordination, asset portion, guiding, running, target determination, thus some more. Indeed, even setting subordinate liveliness and sound.In Smart Cars:Self-driving autos are ending up progressively a reality with every tortuous second. From Google’s self-driving auto undertaking to Tesla’s “autopilot” include, soon AI is standard issue. Truth be told, some top of the line vehicles accompany AI stopping frameworks as of now. The Washington Post as of late revealed that Google is building up a calculation that could give autos a chance to figure out how to drive, much like your more youthful self. Conceded without the frenzy and dread of the educator.

Truth be told, Google’s AI figured out how to figure out how to play straightforward PC diversions. They intend to release it on driving PC amusements before letting out into this present reality. The thought is that it will “look” at the street ahead and settle on fitting choices.

It will likewise gain from botches. Tesla’s is somewhat less progressed however is now being street tried. Soon we see this innovation in its full frame.In Surveillance:Conventional surveillance camera checking is generally directed by a human agent. People, as we as a whole know, are inclined to weariness and experience difficulty following various screens at the same time.

Also, you can’t point the finger at them; it’s a long way from energizing. Wouldn’t it be incredible in the event that you can have a PC do the truly difficult work? Like different utilizations of man-made brainpower here, AI can be prepared utilizing managed works out, security calculations and so forth to take contribution from surveillance cameras. In the long run, they can distinguish potential dangers and caution human security officers to research further. At present, they are really restricted in what they can see as a danger. Wired definite that they can see flashes of shading, for example, that may demonstrate an interloper or somebody lingering where they shouldn’t be. More refined mischievous activities like distinguishing potential shoplifters are a long way past its ability at exhibit. This is probably going to change rapidly as the innovation moves forward. Obviously, there is likewise the potential for physical watching robots, however they can be hit and miss.

..In Customer Service:There are numerous sites now that offer clients the opportunity to talk with client bolster. It’s one of the more pervasive uses of man-made brainpower.

You’d be shocked what number of these are not really authentic people. No, they are not exhausted office understudies but rather are in truth an essential type of AI. A considerable measure of these talk bolster bots are minimal more than computerized responders. A few, however, can separate data from the site and present it to you on ask. The most fascinating thing about them is this. Talk bots, given their expected utilize, should be capable at understanding regular dialect. This is anything but a basic assignment. PCs and individuals barely think or convey similarly.

Additionally there is a gigantic assortment of discourse among people in any case. Encouraging a machine to do this is no simple accomplishment. Quick advances in common dialect preparing (NLP) implies they are showing signs of improvement constantly. DEVELOPMENTS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEArtificial intelligence has developed and is never again utilized exclusively in software engineering.

It has developed to incorporate different regions, for example, wellbeing, car and business applications. One of the real advancements in artificial intelligence is the inclusion of worldwide innovation organizations, for example, Google and IBM. One of the organizations that as of late stood out as truly newsworthy in this industry is an apply autonomy organization called Boston Dynamics. They as of late built up a limited time robot reindeer. In a showcasing video transferred by the organization it indicates three robot reindeers pulling a sleigh over a grass. The robots were even dressed the part for Christmas by having horns and Christmas enrichment.

In all seriousness, another organization making progress in the AI world is DeepMind. This is a Google-claimed organization that represents considerable authority in AI. One of the organization’s breakthroughs is building up a neural system that plays diversions like the manner in which individuals play. The organization as of late built up a program called Alpha Go, which beat Lee Se-dol (an expert human player from South Korea) at Go without precedent for March 2016. Aside from being in the gaming business, Google Deep Mind has likewise cooperated with Moorfields Eye Hospital. They have joined forces with the healing centre keeping in mind the end goal to help analyse age-related macular degeneration quickly. The malady is analysed utilizing optical cognizance tomography (OCT) examines.

Be that as it may, the sweeps take too ache for eye wellbeing experts to examine them in this manner there are delays on the commencement of treatment. Google Deep Mind has joined forces with them to research how machine learning could help in the compelling and productive examination of these sweeps. This will prompt a faster determination and beginning of restorative administration. Over the long haul, this will decrease the quantity of individuals who capitulate to visual impairment because of the ailment. Google Artificial Intelligence dream (Google AI dream) is another ongoing improvement in the field. This undertaking happened after Google programming engineers chose to nourish Google’s artificial neural systems on their servers with irregular pictures.

This prompted the calculations transforming the information sustained into them into pictures. The pictures differed from dogfish to knights having canine tails. They called this procedure ‘inceptionism’. They likewise made the procedure available to the general population by discharging the Google AI dream source code as open source programming.

ROLE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEThere is no doubt in the fact that technology has been changed and it moves at a great speed and one can get whiplashed because of it, don’t take this seriously as we are joking. So, as we began technology has moved at a high pace, and this is the reason because of which we now carry more power in our pocket than what we used to have in our homes two decades ago. One of the concepts of science that is being continuously the most popular topic from centuries and essential for humans is Artificial Intelligence. Well , this might have looked like a science fiction idea but things are changing and we in the last few years have made great breakthroughs in the field of ‘machine learning’ which has automatically improved the functioning of Artificial Intelligence .Well we all are now living in a world where Artificial Intelligence is most common and most of us don’t know about it .There are some fields where the role of Artificial Intelligence is very important and those fields are listed below :SECURITY:One thing that you can say in regards to AI is that it hugely affects innovation and will before long have a greater and a ground-breaking sway on our own and expert lives. Thus, be set up for getting a charge out of a straightforward, less demanding and smoother life. Well one of the fields that have been anticipated to be assumed control by the AI innovation is none other than security, a smart firewall arrangement.

Indeed, here the word security implies an expansive application for various fields yet the primaries are home security and the online security. So, from this time forward in this paper we will cover these two fields and the ramifications of AI we will witness.CYBERSECURITY:The digital security industry has four years depended just on one arrangement, and that is making a vigorously monitored fence around the framework. All things considered, for quite a long time they have bombed hopelessly due to new strategies and distinctive techniques utilized by programmers and infamous infections. Indeed, this beyond any doubt appears bit dim, however there is a superior arrangement likewise accessible which we could abuse. You will be shocked to realize that various enormous names in this industry are attempting to change their approach to address this issue.

They are currently wanting to give safe framework instead of building blockades. The resistant framework will be the AI. AI will identify any flighty abnormality, and notwithstanding that, it will have an expectation to absorb information. AI and HOME SECURITY:In brilliant homes, there exists an information driven machine that holds the ability to learning request to enhance client encounter and for the improvement of collaborations. All things considered, for beyond any doubt one can’t state that they are AI innovation in the genuine sense yet in the event that you want to utilize AI innovation in your shrewd home, at that point rest guaranteed as Google Home and Alexa are utilizing the information gathered through their gadgets earphone for creating AI advances. The eventual fate of AI tech without a doubt holds a touch of both fervour and dread, however we are sitting tight to something that would astonish us.BENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE One of the regions that artificial intelligence will profit business is in regions of information examination. Organizations have accumulated immense measures of information however now and again understanding it could end up being a huge undertaking.

AI can help in taking note of information designs that people can’t see. This can help organizations in focusing on the correct clients for a specific item. A case is the organization amongst IBM and Fluid organizations. Liquid is an advanced retail organization having some expertise in programming arrangements. It is using IBM’s Watson, which is an artificial intelligence made by IBM, to furnish its clients with clever and pertinent item proposals. This prompts a more customized and intuitive experience while shopping on the web. Another utilization case of artificial intelligence is that of Forbes, it has utilized an artificial intelligence expert and storyteller called Quill by Narrative Science. Plume takes organized information, for example, numbers and images, it at that point separates importance from that information, and after that changes that significance into basic dialect.

In short terms, the AI is a storyteller. At the season of composing, Quill is taking organized information, for example, numbers in exceed expectations spreadsheets related with the share trading system and transforming them into content rich articles including profit sneak peaks. We likewise utilize comparable artificial intelligence at Richtopia for look into, investigation, web-based life showcasing and content written work purposes.

Another part of business that AI is changing is client administrations. AI could deal with the dreary errands of client benefit employments. This should be possible by utilizing mechanized switchboards to speak with customers. AI programs have been produced that not just react to what is being asked in light of a manual or via looking on Google but on the other hand can learn and cooperate as a human would by the utilization of human consultants. A case of such a program is Amelia, which was produced by IP soft. Amelia is now being utilized by numerous elements including the British open division, which is utilizing Amelia in Enfield Council, London. This improvement altogether decreases the cost of contracting client benefit delegates.

The third angle that AI is probably going to impact in business is around item improvement. AI is shortening the term of new item dispatches. This is conceivable because of the utilization of Artificial Narrow Intelligence, which includes the assembling of machines that can just complete a set number of assignments, for example, in self-propelled autos. CONCLUSIONArtificial intelligence is moving quickly from significance in mechanically specialty regions to affecting each industry on the planet. The masters exceed the cons, anyway the cons can’t be rendered void.

Human advancement can’t be contrasted and artificial intelligence improvement. When one human pick up something, just a single human discovers that thing. When one robot picks up something, all robots discover that thing. Thus, it isn’t well before the introduction of Superintelligence, which is a keenness that is a great deal quicker witted than the best human personalities in any segment. Taking everything into account, the utilization, advancement and administration of artificial intelligence must be initiated delicately constantly. The field of artificial intelligence enables to the machines to think systematically, utilizing ideas. Enormous commitment to the different territories has been made by the Artificial Intelligence systems from the most recent 2 decades.

Artificial Intelligence will keep on playing an inexorably vital part in the different fields. This paper depends on the idea of artificial intelligence, regions of artificial intelligence and the artificial intelligence methods utilized as a part of the field of Power System Stabilizers (PSS) to look after framework dependability and damping of wavering and give high quality execution, in the Network Intrusion Detection to shield the system from interlopers, in the restorative zone in the field of medication, for restorative picture arrangement, in the bookkeeping databases, and portrayed how these AI methods are utilized as a part of PC diversions to fathom the normal issues and to give highlights to the diversions in order to have a ton of fun. There is splendid future in the examination of System Intrusion Detection and there is likewise distinct future in the territory of Power System Stabilizers. We infer that further research around there should be possible as there are extremely encouraging and productive outcomes that are reachable from such strategies. While researchers have not yet understood the maximum capacity and capacity of artificial intelligence. This innovation and its applications will likely have broad impacts on human life in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence and the innovation are one side of the existence that dependably intrigue and astonishment us with the new thoughts, themes, advancements, items … and so forth. AI is as yet not executed as the movies speaking to it (i.e. savvy robots), anyway there are numerous imperative endeavours to achieve the level and to contend in advertise, as now and then the robots that they appear in TV.

All things considered, the concealed tasks and the advancement in mechanical organizations. Toward the end, we’ve been in this exploration through the AI definitions, brief history, uses of AI in broad daylight, uses of AI in military, morals of AI, and the three guidelines of mechanical autonomy. This isn’t the finish of AI, there is something else entirely to originate from it, who recognizes what the AI can improve the situation us later on, possibly it will be an entire society of robots.


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