Abstract and activate their muscles for exercises.

Abstract “Personal trainers are responsible for training individuals and developing a healthy workout regimen for all their clients” (Truity). They work on strengthening different muscles in the body and take note of what the client needs to improve in order to be successful. They inform their client’s on correct form and educate them on how to correctly use equipment and activate their muscles for exercises.

Once the personal trainer observes strengths and weaknesses, they may then come up with the best program for their client. Personal trainers “Develop unique programs that ensure client safety and enhancement of personal fitness goals to members and guests throughout the club” (Prestige Fitness). Personal trainers receive very little on-the-job training. This is why they sometimes shadow experienced trainer’s before working with a client alone.

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Keywords: Weight resistance, Fitness, Enhancement , Personal Training, Obesity. Job DescriptionPersonal trainers have to be educated on proper knowledge, anatomy of the body, and nutrition experience in order to tell someone what they should be consuming. Otherwise, if a trainer is not really educated on nutrition they cannot make general suggestions.

Television and social media has evolved, celebrities are now in their best shape ever. Personal Training is gaining popularity because it has become a “trend to be “fit” as advertised all throughout social media. This makes personal training highly favored because it shows the role they play in peoples’ life. Personal trainer’s deliver effective workouts to clients to satisfy them with successful results. Personal trainer’s switch up their programs to challenge their clients.

A trainer must always be more enthusiastic than their clients in every session to keep them committed to them and interested in their program.Industry The fitness industry is growing all around the country. Social media plays a huge role in this because celebrities who post how in-shape they are encourage people to believe they should lo a particular way. “An increasing number of individuals are going to gyms” (Business Weekly). Consistent exercise increases cardiovascular health. Also, regular workouts help in reducing stress, anxiety and depression and other diseases affecting health (Anxiety And Depression Association of America).?Recently, “health and fitness have become a social media phenomenon” (Alternet). Whether we like it or not, “social media has become a platform for health and fitness influencers to share their knowledge and advice with the increasing 2.

5 billion social media users worldwide” (Myfitcoach, 2018). Whether the information they offer is or is not credible, social media influencers are one of the motives behind the success of the health and fitness industry. Furthermore, “rising cases of osteoporosis and lowering of bone density are also prompting people to take health, diet, and fitness seriously” (National Osteoporosis Foundation). Earlier, a vast majority of men showed interest in the gyms, but today even women are hitting the gyms. Thanks to the access to the internet and television, this has created a shift in the perspective of everyone, including women, who now consider exercising a serious affair. Social context strongly influences human behavior. The huge number of health and fitness influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter normalize exercise and healthy eating and motivate people to follow suit (Lord, 2017). “Image-conscious millennials who utilize social media more than any other generation are strongly influenced by what celebrities, friends and the general public, buffed and filtered to perfection, post on their profiles” (Lord, 2017).

And as social media becomes more disruptive, utilized by businesses as an advertising tool, it’s becoming difficult to ignore the constant stream of messages that encourage us to invest in a workout program.??Challenges/Influences”Health insurance costs have gained significance instantly due to consumer demands. People are growing distant from industrial-scale processed food in favo of natural and organic options” (Mental Floss). With spending on health care rising, it has become a big deal for every company’s bottom line – and it’s great for the people who get to benefit from the incentives. Devices such as the Apple Watch and even many of the smartphones are putting personalized biometric health statistics at millions of people’s fingertips (Forbes, 2018).

What this does is expand the ability for people to physically track how many steps they are taking in a day, their caloric deficit, their heart rate, and their blood pressure.. This influence makes them much more in tune with how their body works and how health can be improved.

For example, once someone starts paying attention to this digital feedback, they begin making wiser health related decisions in other aspects of their life (Forbes, 2018). Incorporating personalized health data into our daily lives isn’t going away anytime soon, either (Forbes, 2018). The biggest factors that influence personal trainer rates are certifications, availability, and reputation. The amount and type of certifications a personal trainer maintains give clients an idea of how serious the trainer takes his or her job and if they are willing to expand their knowledge. The types of certifications, like the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), or a degree in Nutrition, gives the trainer added credibility. The more legitimate certifications a trainer has, the more that person can charge you for their time. The availability of a trainer often dictates price. The more a service is wanted, the higher that person can market his or her services.

For example, someone whose calendar is booked 50 hours a week probably doesn’t need your one-hour of business to make ends meet. Since that hour of free time to the trainer is valuable, they can charge whatever they want to stay competitive. What other customers are willing to pay will guide this price model. So, if you live in a wealthy neighborhood with few personal trainers, expect high hourly rates. Another huge factor in cost is whether or not the trainer produces results.

A talented trainer doesn’t guess that his or her workouts will help you lose weight — he or she stands firm on it. They have repeated this process dozens of times to people of different ages, sexes, and fitness backgrounds. If he or she is a great trainer, the word is more than less likely to spread of how good they are in their field, increasing their expense, as long as he or she produces results. Culture Culture is created and developed whenever there is an interaction between people, and as a service-based company, every single impression counts. Being able to lead and nurture the natural formation of the fitness culture in a gym is important when it comes to the impact on member’s individual and group service experience. Members see everything.

They see how trainers interact with members and they pick up on how committed a trainer is to their career. ?ConclusionWorking as a personal trainer, I will continually be immersed in the health and fitness industry. I realize that my life as a personal trainer will not always be as easy as I imagined. Also, I have a vision on bfor coming a gym owner and dealing with defective equipment will not be easy.

However, the reward of me being a part of someone’s success will be worth every it all. By becoming a certified personal trainer and doing the job I love, I will spend more of my time learning, helping, and improving than I will spend “working.” A personal trainer can make the difference if someone is unsuccessful or successful, it is that simple. The progressive resistance progresses nicely for a while and then it stops. We reach a point where we just can’t get our weight to budge. We’ve hit the dreaded plateau.??In order to drive yourself beyond a plateau, programming needs to be altered. That is when a personal trainer is worth their service .

They will be tuned in to a whole host of training variations and hacks that will keep your body guessing. They will also show you how to ramp up your intensity without compromising your safety. The result will be that plateaus will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to soar straight toward your training goal.


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