ABSTRACT to purchase a product from physical store

ABSTRACT The study aims to identify the impact of online shopping to the students that the researcher will find out the psychographic factors of the buyer. This study involved 50% selected girls and 50% selected boys of ISHRM students. The study highlights the attitude towards online shopping and their product preference that enable the retailers to support their consumers better. It will help to improve the marketing strategy of the seller to attract and convert a potential consumer as an active online customer by encouraging them in a efficient way in purchasing decision. Although the consumers continue to purchase a product from physical store they still feel convenient to shop online since the consumers have freedom to travel and personally visit the store.

These may help them to wide their shopping behaviour. Background of the study An Online Shopping is the process of consumers go through buying products or services over the internet. It is form of mobile commerce which allows the consumers to directly buy goods to seller through internet using web browser, shopping sites and etc. Online stores are usually available 24 hours a day and many of the consumers have the internet access both work and at home. Some establishments such as restaurant, cafeteria and school provide internet access as well. In contrast, they visiting a conventional retail stores sometimes and they must take place during their free hours.

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The online stores must describe products affordable with pictures, text, and multimedia files. They provide background information about safety display, instruction and some advice to help the consumers decides which product to buy. It is a virtual store cause the physical analogy of buying products or services in online shopping. Commonly the consumers make purchases in order to satisfy needs all the behaviour of human being in buying products. Online shopping is a recent phenomenon in the field of E-Business and is definitely going to be the future of shopping in the world. Most of the companies are running their online portals to sell their products or services online. Though online shopping is very common outside the country it is still trendy at any sites even in the Facebook world.

One of the advantage of Online Shopping is able to deal quickly to an items and you have freedom to choose goods and services provided by many different vendors and this served as an edge to the other business. The retailer use the trendy social media to have an income while interacting to their friends and family. The internet marketing is conceptually different from other marketing channels and internet promotes a one to one communication between the seller and the consumer. Today, business internet marketing is the fastest growing segment in the mobile commerce. According to a NFO Interactive (1999) study released in May 1999 by online market research firm NFO Interactive, 24.1% of online consumers believe that their online shopping use will decrease the amount they spend on products and services at walk-in type neighbor hood or regional retail stores, by the end of 1999.The survey also found that 23.

8 % of online shoppers said their online purchasing has increased to the total amount of money they have typically spent in a year or products & services. The decision making are the same whether the consumer is online or offline. But there are some major differences in shopping environment and marketing communication.

In terms of online communication, when consumer see advertisement of their favourite artist or online promotion it can affect their shopping behaviour. These advertisement may attract the consumer’s attention and stimulate their interesting in particular products. According to traditional consumer model.

Benedict (2001) study reveals that perceptions toward online shopping and intention to shop online are not only affected by ease of use, usefulness, and enjoyment, but also by superficial factors like consumer traits, situational factors, product characteristics, previous online shopping experiences, and trust in online shopping . Kodandarama Setty (2013) stated that “We are facing some challenges from online stores in terms of electronics categories, however, in the big market of consumer are safe for now” There are consumers who are not fully trusted in online shopping because there are some retailers whose not really trustworthy that is the reason why electronic categories are decreased. Haver (2008) identified Today’s younger, more ‘green’ shoppers are not going to waste their money and gasoline going from physical store looking for the right and appropriate item. They can shop online anytime and wherever there are, narrowing their choices to one or two items then go to the store to touch, feel and check out the actual product to see if it looks the way it was represented online. Increasing numbers of people are gravitating towards more intensive use of the Internet as the accessibility of technology increase and evolve. Obvious capabilities of the Internet include avenues for gathering information, purchasing a product, or rendering a service.

Significance of the Study This research provides a lot of information about the behaviour of the consumers go through buying products over the internet. Both the seller and the buyer get a benefit from this research they can see interacting information to wide their beliefs and knowledge in building a business and buying a product. The researcher chose this topic because it is a well-known business you can see nowadays there so many students related with it. So that it will become interesting and worthwhile to study. It can help some students to learn and to enhance their business in the best marketing strategy they will adopt from this research.Scope and LimitationThe research will be conducted in ISHRM Bacoor, Cavite only. The researchers will limit the study on knowing what influences the consumer to buy and what type of product they purchased thus, the main goal of this study is to identify their behaviour to shop online for the retailer to find out what is the best marketing strategy to employ.

Statement of the ProblemGeneral Problem This research aims to identify the psychographic factors of the consumers go through the online shopping.Specific ProblemRQ1 What influences you to purchase online? O Advertisement O Friends O OthersRQ2 What Kind of website, you usually visit? O Lazada O Facebook O OthersRQ3 What type of products, you are usually attractive? O Bags O Accessories O OthersRQ4 What would be your best payment method if you buy online? O Credit/Debit Card O Cash O OthersRQ5 Did you visit online shopping websites if you are free? O Yes O No O SometimesREFERENCES:Benedict, (2001) “What drives consumers to shop Online?” ,International Journal of Service Industry Management, Voume. 15.Haver, (2008) “Convenience of Online Shopping” , Journal of Electronic Commerce Research,Volume 8.Gopal, R. (2013) “Online Shopping Behaviour of the customers”, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 3.Nagra, G.

(2013) “Factors Affect Online Shopping”, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 3.Setty, K. (2013) “Threats and Challenges” , International Journal of Marketingand Consumer. Volume 13.

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