Abstract project work breaks down structure has been

AbstractThis paper focusses on fixed budget project in develop and online web-based registration system for students from all over the world. Understanding of the whole system is very important. Based on the project scope, project plan is been created.

This includes of the registration system with log in information which includes the protected password, classes which the student could select and register, make payments and print receipt and class schedules. Each student will have privilege of managing their own account and as and when they require to check on their accounts, and communicate with the faculty staff and the administration for any clarification or any issues etc. The students will also have the opportunity of exchange communication with their relevant professors regarding classes or anything related to their school work. The project work breaks down structure has been developed which depicts the division and subdivision of the needed achievement with its objectives.

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This also shows a detailed work plan process of the project and the justification of the project to the senior management.Introduction: Project planning stage is the most important and cumbersome part of the commencement of the any project. Planning stage will give the opportunity to provide an efficient and successful result oriented on time deliverable. As per the researchers Zwikael and Globerson, (2006), have analyzed that the system of planning of projects in companies will help establish an efficient project by way of doing a benchmark. This is an efficient way to improve the project planning system. The scope of this project is to permit the students all over the world to be able have the benefits of attending classes and at flexible hours and attend the class and obtain a degree by registering into web-based system.

This will help them to be with their families, and save travel time, working adults have the possibility of attending class after working hours. Based on this system the planned project requires skilled resource personnel such as the project team with the project manager, the IT officer, software developers, engineers, communication transmission services, the tasks, the estimated cost, the schedule, trainers, system analysists and the maintenance officer of the system. This paper gives a visio diagram of the WBS and also a project plan developed by using the project tools are shown, in addition to the writing of the project plan. 1. Description of developing a student registration WBS system: The use of the Work breakdown Structure (WBS) is mainly focused on classifying the scope which is one of the main components in the development of a project, that illustrates the benefits or services that will be originated to commence the project work. The WBS is considered a design separated by each fundamental element and further recognized with various functions. The university’s student online registration system is based on the design of the WBS which separates the operation of the functions into different actions required to implement the proposed web-based registration plan. The main activities of the WBS system for the registration process is shown in question 2 diagram:2.

Activity graph based on the breakdown structure: 3. Project plan:3.1 Outline of the Project:• this will allow the team of the project is been briefed and improve the connectivity and the relationship by utilizing the overview of the project. • This will help to understand the most significant details of the project for example the purpose of the project and its functions. 3.2. Purpose of the project:• Determined to create a web-based student registration system and to have easy access for courses and attend classes.

• Develop and design a web-based registration system for the whole world student to have access for registration and learn and enhance their knowledge and obtain a degree.• Requirement of students to register it is essential to create an account with login information which includes safe password and then log into the system to access to required data information and activities. • Access to the system will permit the students to perform the activities such as registering by using the services provided, add classes or drop classes, also to make payments, print receipts, and participate in the online classes.

3.3. Scope of the project: • is to construct a system of self-contained system so that the student can be registered from anywhere in the world. • This also will help to create the software and check the errors such as codes in the program. This means debug and test the program which is the most important role in the whole project of the different stages of the development of this student online registration software.• Main objective is to provide an effective and flexible and best quality web-based learning structure.3.4.

Communication system: • Requires a cost-effective wireless networking system with trustworthy connection and available and reachable supply system• Assisting students’ progress of reaching the faculty and faculty to help the students by administering training web-based course make it easy to follow.• All staff and the university administration to actively involved in the development and growth of better online studying system. • Administration to acknowledge new registering student’s information and communicate with them via email.

• Flexibility of selecting the courses as per semester and based on their schedule especially, the working students to select such courses. This will help them to balance their time schedule.• Facilitate the communication process between the student and the staff via chat, forums, conferences, etc.• Set up the payment system using the credit/debit card system via online and receipts to be printed and confirmation of the registration.3.

5. Budget and cost estimation:• designing of University’s web-based registration system• reachable resources for students, staff etc to be a low cost• Software, hardware, materials, internet connection,• Project tasks and schedule estimation as per the work schedule• IT security functional system• Wages of Project team3.6. Resources:• Project Team, Project Manager, Software Development Engineers,Language coding writers, trainers, testers• Staff, faculty, materials, hardware, software development materials• IT security activities which will help to protect the student exam papers, course information 3.

7. Risks Involvement and Analyses of the project:• Project team’s lack of details of the web-based registration of student project• Scarcity of budget due to delay in project delivery system and extension of project.• Secured IT security activities which will help to protect the student exam papers, course information • Weaker knowledge and inadequacy of training of instructors, teachers and staff on managing the online teaching system • Security systems of prevention of exam paper leakage, course information, avoidance of attackers, prevention of stealing email addresses, passwords,• IT Security function is to safeguard the exam papers, course information, prevent attacks, breach of database, email address, password, documents, security risks and prevent threat of online studies.

Security function will help to mitigate the data, loss and other cyber-attacks.: . 4. Rational for the decisions made:4.1. Scope of the Project:Scope is the main initial stage to start the planning process of the project.

This is controlled by the project manager and recognized with the integral part which involves in the scope change. The scope is always changing when the project is in process and muse ensure that the alterations are built and according to the client’s which is the university’s terms of references with its laid-out conditions. Scope system must be assessed whether the achievements are based on the regulated with the project needs and functions are developed and in advancement and achieved. Another important point is to focus on the delaying of given tasks will create problems of the scope and on time delivery of the project.

It is essential to observe since the project is not monitored and controlled the delay in submission of the project will encounter an adverse impact and the project will be considered weak and become unsuccessful and failure which is not good for the organization as well as the project team. To complete the project, expanding the days and continuing the project is not a good idea, because the project team do not have the authenticate to extend the project. Any kind of project must not extend without the permission of the stakeholders. According to the author Abramovici, A (2000) in research and study stated in the PMI that the Scope Creep is observed to be the biggest problems most of the top level management encounter. As per the author of this study has learned that the scope creeps are caught up with the project scope and how it changes the scope.4.

2. Communication: Networking system is important part of the project because this is component where the transmission of the information takes place. The exchanging of information between the students and the administration of the university must be detailed, clear and this should be implemented without any interruption.

The internal and external communication system through the networking routers are been used to transmit information and many organizations utilize the LAN cards, switches, cables, wireless cables etc., The important role of the project team to see that the IT security system is been designed to forbid the illegal usage of the system to rob information. Also, the attackers are waiting to get into the system and change exam papers and leak out the questions of the papers. The illicitly entering into the system and wrongful usage and changing networking system must be prevented. In order achieve this project and the program for the university and student a vigorous and stable IT security system must be designed.4.3.

Budget: Designing the online registration system is must be based on the planned and estimated budget. This should include the required and reachable student centers and installation of the hardware and software programs, it security system. The budget must be based on the resources persons and the project teams scheduled tasks, their wages for the promised work of the projectBelow is a table given with the required items for the project which may costs a large amount of monies:4.

3.1. Required skills and justificationBudget items JustificationProject Personnel Project Team – Strong Team work Network Software Engineers – Skilled and experienced System Analysts – Skilled and experience Software Developers – Training Team Language writers Testers Wages of the project teamNetwork Systems Hardware, Software, Network Resources includes servicesAdministration, monitoring and support systemLogistics, travel to centers, sometimes hiring of materials and equipment, hiring of buildings4.3.

2. Project Resource Personnel:The Project team must possess of talented and skilled experienced in designing and development of the project. Below are the details of the skills needed for the project.Team Team – Possess required skills and qualities for the ProjectProject Manager • Experienced and have the leadership skills• Planning and organizational skills• Communication and interaction skills• Managing the scheduled tasks of the team• Team Player • Risk management skills• Negotiation skills• Should be in expert in subject mattersSystems Analysts • Required to have the knowledge in hardware, software • Capable of learning and understand quick• Problem solving ability• Impeccable interpersonal skills• Oral and writing skillsSoftware Engineers • Hardware, software installation knowledge• Problems solving skills• Available anytime when systems fail due to disruption of nature, such as rains, lightening, thunder, storm etc• Installation of security systemTesters • Thinking logically and analytically• Curiosity and creativity• Capable of providing basic and fundamental knowledge• Make the final decision on the testing process of the project.Trainers • Experienced, knowledgeable, subject oriented and training experienced on IT and other project related subject.

IT Security • Prevents wrongful access to information• Avoid attacker from stealing data and information• Avoid any data or information which are sent back and forth via the appliances are not altered or lost • Referred to Paquet, C. (2013) her knowledge of teaching and research has recognized that anyone can use the network, which I agree but my argument is that the policy should specify “who are the users”. The policy of maintaining the online registration should be included in the policy security policy system.

This is my thought on this argument.4.4.

Risks:The risks which involves in the project are recognized as the system operations which affects the progress of the project and it affect the cost of the project. This happens due to the movement and the direction of the project. The cost is another issue which rises and becomes a problem because of the change of scope if the project is broaden and scope creep may take place. Failure of providing training for the team will be another risk because the project may delay and the delivery of project will lose credibility of the project team and the company.

Another major risk is tampering with exam paper and leak out information and course information by the hackers, also the hackers break into system to steal credit cards, email addresses, passwords etc.Justification of this risk is to provide with quality IT security function, also, during the planning stage of the project additional and sufficient allocation of the budget would be advisable. Allocation of quality security system will help to mitigate the information and data loss and other cyber-attacks. Legal issue of risks also may arise from the obligation of the regulatory and legal system, which includes lawsuits between parties concerned and the contract risks. Conclusion It is important for the project team to provide deliver a successful efficient quality product of web-based registration system for the student, so that anyone from the whole world could register and attend classes and obtain an online degree program.

The above WBS diagram depicts the structured with step by step process of the project. The overall project should be protected and with a quality and successful IT Security System.


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