Abstract announced that, the most polluted city

Abstract Allthe human being of India is heavily threatened by environmental pollution. Butwe are here  discuss about the effect ofpollution in Delhi and Lucknow, studies in large cities of India release theambient air pollution concentrations are at such level of amount that  cause serious health issues and diseases.Lucknow and  Delhi are a fast developingcity, from both the cities the various development occur and various problemare also recognised , one of that is air pollution  from the last one and half decades the levelof identified particulate matter or various pollutant in the main cities are continuouslyincreases.

Delhi,the sixth most populated metropolis in the world (include all of NCR and itbecomes second most populous area) is one the most polluted cities in India,having for example one of the country’s highest volumes of particulates matterpollutant. In May 2014, the World Health Organization announced that, the mostpolluted city in the world is New Delhi. For this issue, Delhi government wasalso criticized for not taking any decision. However, on 4thDecember 2015, Delhi government has made a decision, which is very unique andfirst of kind. It is referred by Odd/Even car number.Sameas Delhi, in Lucknow a few studies is also done which is on the environment insidethe house, due to use of  various type offuels in cooking from urban and nearby rural areas are also recognisedparticulates and associated PAH’s as major indoor pollutant.

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Relatedenvironmental and health diseases and its impact, possible control measurespresented in studies on Lucknow from available documents particulate fractionsvie: PM2.5, PM10 were reported to be exceed the limit ofNational Ambient Air Quantity Standard (NAAQS) in which most of the studiesfound that the oxides of sulphur and nitrogen (SO2 and NO2 )are within limits of 8 µg/m3. Chemicals which are toxic and particulatesmatter and various pollutants have found to be toxic to living beings inLucknow. On 15 November 2015, the newspaper ‘Times of India’ says that level ofPM2.5 and Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches to 484. Authorities havebeen taken into consider from the data detection of these studies, createawareness and ready to found the methods by which it is better controlled.

Still,the efforts done to control it is inadequate to maintain good air quality.Thestudy is small and very confined with the health impact of determining airquality in cities like Delhi and Lucknow and others. This study further doneand still going to determine the effect of ambient air quality on health ofpeople now days.KeyWords: Pollutant,Air Pollutants, Air Quality Air-borne Disease, Healthimpact, Lucknow, Delhi, India


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