Abu Louvre, from the famous hallway under

Abu Dhabi: Louvre Abu Dhabi museum who recently voted to be one of the seven wonders of the worlds, has announced to celebrate it’s anniversary. Louvre completed one year since the day they opened their doors to the world. As a part of the celebration they have decided to prepare a spectacular line-up. Starting from November 8 to 11, Stated a press release on Sunday.

It would be featured by the artist a British singer and a songwriter Dua Lipa. There will be a lot of activities such as concerts, workshops, exhibitions, and family activities as well as art performances across the Louvre, from the famous hallway under the dome to the new galleries and updated auditorium. Due Lipa will headline the entire performance at Louvre Abu Dhabi village on November 11th, after one year of the museum opened.

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Dua Lipa’s famous hits such as New Rules music video has been watched over 1 billion times all over the internet. The tickets are priced 200dhs which can allow you to get to the museum around 2pm until 6pm. The doors of the concert village will open from 6pm with the DJ before the show starts. From November 9-11, The director Dorian Paul Rogers created a series of performances titled by Spoken Art.

Seven poets will perform from 1-6pm around the museum. The Emirati interdisciplinary Designer, Salem Al Mansouri, will animate a digital work in the museum’s entrance lobby. With a topic of ” Constellations “. The presentation will reflect the data of the visitors that visited Louvre Abu Dhabi last year.

For architecture weekend, November 9 and 10, there will be free activities and a discovery tour. Kids and teenagers can collaborate to get inspiration from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s dome and try to re-create it using geometric shapes. Visitors can discover the artworks that Louvre brought for this special event which is more than 20 new masterpieces on loanThe museum opens on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Monday the Louvre is closed. On weekdays it is from 10am-8pm. On weekends the timings are from 10am-10pm.


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