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Academic and Employability SkillsTable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc512169158 h 3Academic Concepts PAGEREF _Toc512169159 h 4Real life experiences PAGEREF _Toc512169160 h 4Academic writing PAGEREF _Toc512169161 h 5Problem solving PAGEREF _Toc512169162 h 6Skills that I have PAGEREF _Toc512169163 h 7Skills that I need PAGEREF _Toc512169164 h 7Recommendation for future learning PAGEREF _Toc512169165 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc512169166 h 9Reference PAGEREF _Toc512169167 h 11IntroductionPeople learn from different segments where writing helps them to increase their ability to catch any skills. The writing in the academy or collage does not have the same importance where the academic writing has in life. With the help of academic writing skills, one’s can increase the potential skills and learning in life (Almeida, Robalino, and Behrman, 2012). Academic writing has its own rules to accumulate the quality of the students to face the career in business life. As a student, I felt the need of improving my skills through academic writing and knowledge. To elaborate, how I managed to improve my employability skills through academic writing and some experiences as well.

. Academic ConceptsAcademic writing will lead to employability skills in the business sector. Any industry will appreciate the employability skills with the help of Academic writing and learning preferences. As business industry or health care industry will look for the best candidates among huge number of candidates, the Academic writing will be the best quality the employee can own to show the employability skills (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).Real life experiencesIn job life, every person will be needed the employability skills to prosper in the career and in the professional life. The student needs to focus on the way of increasing employability skills with the help of academic excellence and academic writing (Almeida, Robalino, and Behrman, 2012).

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Every college and universities are set their courses and practices to ensure the increase and improvement of the employability skills through better academic writing and learning skills (Eliot, 2016).The academic excellence helped me a lot to develop my ways of learning, the preferences of learning and the academic concepts with writing (Sekaran. and Bougie, 2016). With the help of academic skills, I am able can increase the ability to communicate with others through formal and informal communication method, can collaborate with the team and members and can resolve any problems with the help of analytical tools (Eliot, 2016).

For the academic writing, I have founded some assessment which helped me to improve my skills fro both of my academic and professional life. These are given below:Time optimization: Time optimization refers to the management process of maintaining the time for the procedures or work system. Time management indicates how people or company manages the time with various approaches, setting goals and objectives, system of task and schedule for the work and so on (Almeida, Robalino, and Behrman, 2012).I had a very poor time management.

My grades were poor and I could not manage my timing with personal interest too (Sekaran. and Bougie, 2016). I began to learn about managing time. The routine wise work helped me a lot in my academic day. I maintained time with full concentration to study and to my personal interest.

Gradually, I could manage the time for my part of works where my grades are gradually increased as well. This time management will help me a lot in my professional life as well.Technical skills:Through my course, I learn about using technology for the betterment. With the help of technical skills, I learnt how to communication and how to interact with other through proper communication method and manner. Communication skills of mine have developed through the help of technical skills.

The academic writing helped me to communicate with peers and others in writing form as well (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).Learning style:: Learning style refers to the set of preferences and approaches to grab the knowledge with own skill and style. Different people learn from different perspective. These learning styles can help any students in health and social care industry for improving their knowledge and career management (Thonney, 2016). The learning and the academic excellences helped me lot to continue improving my grades. This is still helping in my work place where I learn every single day through my mentors and peers (Thonney, 2016).Academic writingIn health and social care industry will always appreciate the academic skills and learning long with academic writing for the communication.

Education and health institution will make sure employee or students are learning their best with the help of academic sources which encourage them to improve their performances and productivity in the same time (Eliot, 2016). Academic writing will attached to the research work as these writing indicate basically the report making, memo, letters, case solving, journal, article and assignment writing. For the academic writing in health and social care industry, some segment should be required (Sekaran.

and Bougie, 2016)Problem solving In academic experiences, I have faced some problem which I had to recover though my knowledge and course work.The problem started with the communication skills. I was not capable of interacting with my team members in a good way and manners (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).

With the help of academic experiences and team working I managed to work with people and I know how to communicate with fellow team members with effectiveness. I know that I am able to get knowledge through reflecting learning and academic learning s well. The need of knowledge and they will get form course and training from the industry will help me a lot as well (Eliot, 2016).I had to face problem in leadership skills. In our course, we had to make group to sort out our presentation and group work (Almeida, Robalino and Behrman, 2012).

The problem arises when different people will prefer different communication manner and problem occurred through the differentiation among the group members I had to manage them with my ability and I solved the problems to maintain the group work perfectly (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004). This skill will help me a lot in my professional life as well In work place , the various types of techniques, approaches, styles and manners are used for increasing the ability of employee’s academic learning. These techniques are given below:The employees need to attend the training programs for the health care The academic writing should be given priority while communicating with seniors in written form (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).The and management structure should help employee to increase the employability skills as well Academic writing helps me e to increase my skills and potentiality to expand the opportunity to improve the career. The exercise of the academic writing will help me as an employee to improve my employability skills in various ways (Sekaran. and Bougie, 2016).As a student in health and social care industry, I need to follow the strategies and policies to increase the chances of employability skills through academic writing (Eliot, 2016).

The practical strategies for them to increase the skills are given below:Practice for report and memoManaging time and managing scheduling Strategies from learning Writing skills and design Skills that I haveI do have certain ability and knowledge which help me to improve my academic skills as well.Self management skills: my ability to manage myself in different situation, my perception about my ability helped me a lot in my academic career. I have the ability to cope with different situation which will surely help me in work place or personal life as well. The ability to adapt in different situation helped me to improve my grade with different circumstances (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).Decision making skills: Decision making skills of mine helped me to get through my academic life and I know in my professional life, it will definitely help me (Sekaran. and Bougie, 2016). I had to take decision based on my study, my group and my ability to cope.

The decision making skills helped me to identify some facts of the problem as well.Problem solving skills: my problem solving skills helped me a lot as well. In a team and academic career, I have to solve problems based on communication and other interaction problems. I do have analytical skill to analyze the problem to solve with the solution (Coldwell and Herbst, 2004).

Research skills: In health and social care industry, employee needs to have the potentiality to learn from others. The communication among seniors and coworkers need to be clear and formal while the communication is in written form. With the help of academic writing, as an employee, I will be able to signify the research method. The different types of research and research strategies must be included for increasing the employability skills in a employee or in student in health and social care industry (Coldwell, and Herbst, 2004).Skills that I needNot every skill will help me to give the achievement.

I do have some lacking which I need to overcome by improving some of the skills. These are given below:Communication skills: communication skill is mandatory for any employee or people. I do have some problem in communication and my communication skills need to be improved though various sources. I need to learn some manners of communicating with others. The communicating skills will help me to improve my employability skills as well.Interpersonal skills: the interpersonal skills are mandatory for any employee.

I can communicate but my negotiation skills and persuasion skills are not effective enough to persuade people. The interpersonal skills of mine need to be developed with right techniques and right practices. Also, the negotiation skill will help to me to properly maintain the communication manner with different people in work place.

Technical skills: Technical skills are mandatory for the modern world. I do have necessary skills but I lack in some technical skills as well. These skills will help me to improve my career and my employability skills for the best (Sekaran. and Bougie, 2016). With the help of technology and technical skills, I will be able to perform my best for the company or my real life as well.Time management skills: my time management skills are not great enough to be ensured. Time management skills will help me to improve my personality, my working procedures and my ability to complete every work in time as well. With the help of time management, I will be able to proficient in my work place where my employability skills will be developed.

Team working skills: academic experience does help me to work with others. But my team working skills are not good enough to be in employability skills. I have to improve my team working skills with team management (Almeida, Robalino and Behrman, 2012).

With the help of team working skills, I will be able to work in a team and can increase the performances of the team as well.Recommendation for future learning For future learning, I have to maintain my study hour. I need to focus on the time management skills and self management. I know how to adapt in changes but I need to work hard to minimize the hard timing (Almeida, Robalino and Behrman, 2012).Academic experience will help me a lot in this way.

I need to study more for the theoretical knowledge and also, I need to improve my ability to learn with full enthusiasm. ConclusionAcademic writing has own importance in people’s life while they are engaging in job and employment. Their employability skills and learning largely depend on academic writing and academic knowledge of skills. Employer will seek for better employability skills in health and social care providers. Thus, to be effective and efficient at the same time, academic learning and academic writing will be helpful for employee and students on (Almeida, Robalino, and Behrman, 2012). With the help of Academic writing, employee will be able to acquire knowledge, skills and potentiality for the health and social care industry. ReferenceAlmeida, R., Robalino, D.

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Place of publication not identified: Lap Lambert Academic Publ.


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