Academic Lastly, one needs to be confident to

Academic writing in college really differs from the norms of writing an individual acquires in high school. Freshmen students need to know various aspects and learn to put into consideration before enrolling to a basic writing course as expressed in this letter. One needs to familiarize him/herself with the writing center. This gives one an assurance that he or she is on the right track in working out the assignments.

In addition, one needs to be organized, since this is an important aspect in writing. It helps to avoid confusion, forgetting and laziness.Moreover, one needs to be creative. This helps one to express ideas without relying on a fixed format. Through this, a student is able to come up with a quality essay. Being creative will enable a student to use all aspects of maintaining suspense among other writing tactics.

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Lastly, one needs to be confident to speak out ideas and thoughts and not hesitate in asking questions which will enable him/her get acquire the best skills to address the assignment.                      


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