According to (Tobergte & Curtis, 2013), innovation from minor changes in the delivery of products in forms of extension of product lines adding service components or product differentiation. successful innovation for example innovation that is also profitable to the firm in a competitive market must increase the value of the product or firm experience. Furthermore, product improvement such as new production process, new markets and restructuring the business product is also being the strategy that can be used for every organization. Since the value is costumers perceived quality divided by the price cost of this quality successful innovation must increase value by improving quality or by lowering price cost the production and marketing of products is distinct from industrial products and displays specific characteristics which often pose constraints or problems and hence serve as stepping stones for increasing the value of products via innovation. Besides that, produces and sells product bundles instead of products being experiences which are very intangible products cannot be stored simultaneity of production and consumption the consumption of tourism products involves the active participation of the customer prosumer and production may involve large capital assets airlines hotel chains or car rental firms or at the intermediation distribution and final consumption stage may involve interaction personnel for example suppliers and dealers of the auto parts products.


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