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According to Burkart and Medlik (1974: 39) “… a more precise definition of tourism is required for various purposes. First, for purposes of study: in order to examine a phenomenon systematically, it is necessary to define what it covers. Secondly, for statistical purposes: when a phenomenon is measured, it must be defined; in practice available techniques of measurement frequently define what is measured. Thirdly, for legislative and administrative purposes: legislation may apply to some activities and not to others. Fourthly, for industrial purposes: particular economic activities may give rise to market studies and provide the vases for the formation of industrial organizations.

“Many researchers have not yet come to an agreement about the actual meaning of tourism as it is the most difficult to define. This is because each researcher has their own interpretation of the tourism’s definition. In spite of the confusions and difficulties in the definitions, there are several researchers who are interested in tourism regardless of their educational background. Some of the researchers have making use of the theoretical basis of investigation offered by epistemology and invoking philosophers of science such as Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper, Edmund Husserl, Mario Bunge, and Imre Lakatos.Philosophical tourism is not about curiosity and diversity.

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It is tied with seeing different points of view on life so one can debug their own.


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