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According to plagiarism.

org plagiarism is “To use and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own without crediting the source.” So plagiarism is an act of fraud that includes stealing someone else’s ideas and word and lying about it. It is important to understand that not only words and ideas but images, videos and music could also be plagiarized.While plagiarism is considered as an act of fraud one must be careful not to plagiarize intentionally or unintentionally before submitting any paper.In order to prevent plagiarism, try to come with your own original idea and write it in your own words, this will decrease the chances of similarities of your paper with any one else’s. And if you want to be 100 percent sure about the originality of your paper then refer to the internet because there are many online plagiarism checking or detecting websites where one can find the percentage of similarities in their paper and most of these online services are free of cost.

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Sometimes it is necessary to include some one else’s words in your paper, there are some rules for that. First of all, do not mix your own words and ideas with someone else’s words or ideas. Second, be sure to specify the source of the idea or words you want to include in your paper and give them credit for it.


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