Acid interrelated to postmodernist philosophies. The core

Acid Rain:
Acid rain is the rain which consist of Sulphuric acid and nitric acid. It can be in the form of acid hail, acid snow and acid fog condensation. The pH range of acid rain is between, 3-5. Acid rain is caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
2. Cultural turn:
The cultural turn is interrelated to postmodernist philosophies. The core of the cultural turn was to turn culture in to the subject of discussion. How the culture can effect social, environmental and political sections.
3. Indigenous Knowledge:
Indigenous knowledge is the root for local-level decision-making in many rural societies. It has value not only for the culture in which it develops, but also for scientists and planners struggling to improve conditions in rural areas.
4. Chain Migration:
When one person follows the other in a proper sequence. It usually start at a family level like a father moves to another country in search of better opportunity and when settled down the rest of the family moves also.
5. Domestication:
It is the process in which human has changed the genetic compositions of animals and plants that better fulfills the needs of humans. According to Darwin he named this process artificial.
Nowadays such organizations like Food and Agricultural Organization and World Trade Organization are making more advancement in this sectors.
6. Scale:
Scale doesn’t has a proper definition but it is explained in different categories such as cartographic scale which represent the maps with relation to earth. Another category is methodological or operational such as data collection using a survey or interview etc. scale can be used in social production or construction.
7. Multiculturalism:
It is the diversity of different culture where the government allows the co-habitation of diverse population. In the whole world Australia and Canada includes multicultural rights in their constitution. It has also received criticism such as multi-culturalism is the reason for harboring hostile criminal and terrorist within the scope of tolerated cultural differences.
8. New International Division of Labour:
It is considered as the modifying of the international Division of Labour connected with internationalization of capital and growth of recently developing countries and regions. The rise of newly developed countries such as South Korea and Taiwan came as a surprise in the 1970s. They got developed by their good industrial policies.
9. Modernization:
The change of traditional society into capitalist societies. As the Second World War ended the world was dominated by modernization. It changed the world economically, culturally, socially and politically.
10. Cartography:
Cartography is the combination of French (CARTE for map) and Greek (GRAPHIE for writing). Cartography is known as the making of maps. It includes the technology of map making and how it serves as a way of communication tools. Cartography includes group of geographical information through human population, landscapes etc.


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