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Acme Manufacturing, a fortune 1,000 company that runs three shifts of production workers, so the plant is operating 24/7. Over the past six months, conflicts and physical altercations has increased between first and third shift. The two shifts started aggressively joking back and forth about minor things. Recently, the jeering went from minor to physical altercation. As said by one, an employee had a fire arm in a shoulder holster under his jacket. There are many things wrong with this scenario. As a Human Resources Manager, I will provide appropriate information on how to handle this severe problem.
Disciplinary Action
As a HR Manager, the first thing I would do is investigate the altercation immediately. After investigating the problem, conducting interviews to those who participated in the altercation and witnesses would be the next protocol. Although, I will interview everyone it is imperative that I interview the witnesses first. There may be disciplinary actions up to and including discharge to all Acme employees who participated in the physical altercation, I would review the policy and procedures to see what actions will be taken. Next, I would review the employee files to determine if this altercation was the first offense for each participant. If this was a first offense, I would take length tenure, good work record, performance history, etc. into consideration. After conducting these steps, I would order administrative leave to everyone who was involved physically immediately. Finally, I will review the employees’ interview and terminate the employee with the fire arm. It’s unfortunate that Acme must lose an employee, however safety in the workplace is important as well as disciplinary actions. To get Acme employees back on the same page I would coordinate a professional training for the entire staff. This is an opportunity to educate the employees on how to make better choices when it comes to getting along with employees and how to properly deal with different personalities.
Acme Manufacturing Policies and Procedures
After reviewing Acme current policy and procedures, I decided to add and change some things around. Employee policies tell employees what is needed of them. The clearer the policy and procedure the more leverage Acme will have when referring to them after a problem arise. Look at the changes of the policy and procedures:
I. Concealed Weapons Policy- Weapons include but are not limited to guns, knives, swords with blades over four inches in length, explosive, and other chemical whose purpose to cause harm to employees. Regardless of an employee possessing a concealed weapons permit, weapons are prohibited on Acme’s property (Heathfield, 2018).
a. Procedure- Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including employee termination.
II. Open Door Policy- Communication is critical to maintaining an enjoyable and productive work environment. Questions, concerns, or conflicts are certain to happen. However, all concerns about work conditions, pay, employee concerns, or fellow employees should be voiced to the immediate supervisor rather than involving a third party.
a. Procedure: The human resources manager will review and investigate all concerns. Employee relationships will not be jeopardizing, Acme genuine wish is to maintain open networks of communication that will promote a harmonious and productive work environment.
III. Violence Prevention Policy- Acme is committed to preventing workplace violence and maintaining a safe work environment, All Acme employees and contractors as well as customers and visitors should always be treated with courtesy and respect. Employees are expected to refrain from verbally fighting, fighting, horseplay, and other conduct that may be harmful to others.
a. Procedure- Acme will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports. The identity of the employee making a report will be protected at all cost.
IV. Workplace Etiquette Policy- Acme strives to maintain a positive work environment where employees treat each other with respect and politeness. Acme encourage employees to keep an open mind and courteously accept all constructive feedback.
a. Procedure- Avoid public accusations, address problems confidentially keep socializing to a minimum, and cleaning up workplace after each shift.
Acme Performance Standards
Setting employee performance standards, and then monitor their progress is an important key and development to Acme employees. I will work with Acne employees to develops a set of standards that both parties can understand and commit to. These are the performance standards:
I. Accountability- Demonstrates a sense of responsibility for creating task. Works Independently under broad or limited supervision. Plans effectively, anticipate and address issues.
II. Ethical Behavior- Demonstrates integrity, honesty, responsibility and loyalty with all task
III. Teamwork- Display team-based approach. Maintain a high level of respect to all employees and supervisors.
IV. Interpersonal Communication- Listens to others. Recognize and manages conflict effectively. Receives feedback positively.
V. End of the Day Checklist- Maintain a detailed list for supervisors to check behind employees after each shift. Always keep work area cleaned.

Acme Performance Appraisal and Training
Now that I have revised Acme policy-procedures and performance standards its time to determine the correct appraisal and training going forward. Acme is a successful company with many employees. Management by objective would be a great fit. It requires managers or supervisors to establish the objective of the job. The questions may ask if these objectives are achieved by employees and to what extent. This appraisal would reveal who has been doing their job correctly. The correct training that would fit Acme employees is the Apprenticeship Training. This training allows all employees to acquire a valuable skill and a stipend can also be received. This training can exceed to over four to five years, it is one of the oldest and traditional methods.
I have applied some important changes to Acme. Going forward these changes should allow employees room to grow as an employee and decrease employee confrontation.

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