Actions Make promises using kind and sweet

Actions are the true representation of one’s intentions, whereas, words only show an idea or opinion. A person’s actions define him better than the words that come out of his mouth. Our actions are what put meaning into our words. People make commitments and promises every single day. Their actions have to coincide with the words they speak.

Otherwise, people will stop believing them. For example, politicians Make promises using kind and sweet words before elections. Afterwards, more often than not, they do not fulfil the promises they made prior to the elections. But, the damage is done. This is why we should be more sceptical and do not take everything that we are told at face value.The concept of taking action is applicable to everything in life. Teaching is the perfect demonstration of this concept.

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Leaders that have achieved the goals they set for themselves are very well respected and people look up to them. A righteous person is able to follow his words. Their work ethic is enough incentive for their peers to follow and listen to them.

Words are worth their weight in gold if they are put into practice. All things considered, actions are necessary to assert trustworthiness. No one believes a person who runs his mouth and does not back his words. Respect has to be earned and taking effect on your words is the best way of doing that. It is my firm belief that actions speak louder than words.


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