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Activity 2Write a report in which you briefly explain:how the CIPD HRPM professional areas and bands define the HR professionwhy the HRPM behaviours are essential to being an effective HR professional2.

1 and 2.2In this report, I will briefly explain how the different aspects of the CIPD Human Resources Professional Map interlinks with the HR profession as well as how essential it is to be an effective HR professional. I will look at the professional areas, bands and behaviours that the HR Map has to offer.

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The CIPD HRPM has been constructed to help people understand and deliver the HR profession to highest degree of service. Human Resources(HR) meansOne aspect of the map is the professional areas which include:Service and delivery informationOrganisation designOrganisation developmentResourcing and talent planningLearning and developmentPerformance and reviewEmployee engagementEmployee relationInsights, strategy and solutionsLeading HRThe professional areas define the HR profession as they all help maintain HRAnother aspect of the map is the eight behaviours which include the following:Decisive thinkerSkilled influencerPersonally credibleCollaborativeDriven to deliverCourage to challengeRole modelCuriousAnother aspect of the map is the four bands of professional competence which defines the different levels


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