Adam You should listen to my speech because

Adam ZimmermanCMN 101Round 3 Speech OutlineI. a. Attention Getter: Your alarm clock goes off and the initial reaction for most of you is to reach for your phone. You unlock it and immediately start scrolling through text messages, tweeting, commenting, and looking to see what might have happened in the 7 or so hours that you were last on your phone before you went to sleep.

We spend every waking second interacting with social media. You may not know this, but our beloved Facebooks, Instagrams, and, everyone’s favorite, My Space, have many effects on humans and not all of them are good.b. Benefits: Since the invention of the telegraph, electronic communication has rapidly advanced to the telephone, TV, and now the internet. One of the many breakthroughs that came with the internet age is social media, the next evolution in instant communication. Social media is becoming a huge part of the daily lives of many people.

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(stat). You should listen to my speech because this trend has an important impact on the way that society functions and on your personal lifestyle. c. Thesis: Today, I would like to speak to you about the effects of Social Media over the past decade.d. Preview: Let me begin by explaining what social media is, and then I will move on to the impacts it has had on our society. Transition: First I will discuss what social media is and how it has exponentially grown.

II. Main Point 1: Social Media has grown dramatically over the course of the past decade. a. Let me explain first what social media and how to use it.i.

Social media is all the websites and applications that allow people to communicate online and share content and information. So, basically all types of electronic communication. ii. Social media use comes in many different forms, including a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or anything that has connection to the internet can use it. iii. It is important to point out that those using social media can range from a 2 year old to your grandparents. b.

Over the past decade, the amount of people using social media has grown exponentially.i. In 2005, when systemic social media tracking began, only 7% of American Adults used social media. In only 10 years, that number grew to nearly 2/3 of the population (Perrin).1. That’s a giant cultural leap in the span of less than one generation, much shorter than the development of TV or radio.

Transition: Now that you understand more on what social media is and its increase in users, let me explain some of the effects it can have. III. Main Point 2: While social media has become a platform for the younger generation, it has also been detrimental to young adults’ development because of increasing mental health issues and decreasing the ability to socialize.

a. First, Social media has been proven to increase the mental health issues in people. i. Socially Isolated ii. Low self-esteem — Suicide from cyber bullying1. With anonymity and unable to see the damages they cause, people are more likely to say harsher things online. No emotions. iii.

Addiction (can cause withdrawls)b. The second impact of the increasing usage social media is a decrease in society’s ability to be social. i. A1. So, more friends on social media does not mean you are more social. Transition: In conclusion, IV. Conclusion: a. Review: Today I have discussed what social media is b.

Final Thought: Ultimately, society will never be able to turn back to the days before social media. While social media has many positive outcomes and effects, it is also influencing us negatively in the way in which humans are developing. As more people being taking part in the world of social media, it will only become more important and relevant to be aware and educated on its effects.Works CitedPhoon, Andie (2017) “Social Media and Its Stark Influence on Society,” WRIT: GSW Journal of First-Year Writing: Vol. 1 : Iss. 1 , Article 8.

Perrin, Andrew. “Social Media Usage: 2005-2015 | Pew Research Center.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, 12 Oct. 2015,


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