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Adapting of open source software within an organisation or a system is not simple as just downloading the software and running the free program from a website. There are several security concerns that has to be studied, weighed up and determined before an organisation takes it up into the open source world. And also both individuals and organisations have to keep in mind and should recommended best practices put out by the open source community.Lets know what exactly is open source and closed source.

So what is a closed source software? Closed source software is a proprietary software which is distributed under the licensing agreement to the authorized users along with the private modification, copying, editing and republishing restrictions. In simple, the closed source software is the one whose source code is not shared with the public for anyone to look at or change. Some of the closed source software for the commercial use are Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, McAfee anti-virus software, and many. Examples of closed source software which are not distributed commercially would be proprietary software(private software) which are used to operate a proprietary operation at a bank or a factory. Generally, these kind of applications are internally developed and cannot be used by another company.OSS basically is the open source software that is distributed under the licensing agreement that will allow the computer code to share, view and modify by other users and the organisations.

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A software whose source code is “open” and is available to anyone to study, use and adapt. All open source software are available for the public to use and modify from its original design without any cost. Which literally mean that the software can evolve over a period of time and is iterated by the other developers anywhere in the world. Some of the open source softwares are internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, the e-commerce platform osCommerce and the full office suite LibreOffice.


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