ADAPTIVE METHODOLOGIES INTRODUCTION This is a very superior process which provides the solutions of business problems and it assists to inspect the different variety of business structures as well as the evolution of a system and it establish the problems and recognize the details and furnish the solutions of the difficult situation and it retains the system development life-cycle. This is a good method for making the modeling, tools, and techniques and this helps to remove the uncertainty and there is a number of activities that test the hypothesis so this appears the ecosystem approach and growing the system is called adaptive methodology and this methodology understands the complexity. It appears robust and it produces new methods.DEPLOY THE SOLUTIONTEST THE PROJECTBUILD THE PROJECTPLANING OF PROJECT REVIEW ADAPTIVE APPROACH ADVANTAGES OF ADAPTIVE METHODOLOGYThe main advantage is that there is a major change in the environment as well as in the project due to adaptive methodology and it is more and more flexible and change the whole scenario of the project and The better thing is that there is a face to face communication between the clients and no any prediction.This methodology helps in a country development because the tools of this methodology are very important which provides compulsory licenses to which is used by the government for finding the medications.

The intangible property of this is very important which helps the new creation of any industry or born the new industry without this property it may disappear. DISADVANTAGES OF ADAPTIVE METHODOLOGY In this methodology the cons are that if the project is small then it is easily planned as well as easily design and testing, building and solution may easily be provided but if the project is long then it takes a lot of time for changing and sometimes it may fail in the testing so it creates some difficulties although it may not be completed. Secondly, the project is only handled by seniors or an experienced employee in the adaptive methodology and it is not done by newcomers due to lack of experience and sometimes they fail for the development of agile development. SCRUM METHODOLOGYThis is a growing process which helps for the development of the software and it is the combination of tools and techniques in which the team helps for building systems and it is like a package of the team which is very helpful in which the project be on time and the project is in minimum wages. In this methodology the whole team complete the project on time and the client stakeholder controls the project and the scrum is a very initiative and flexible process which controls the system as a controlling black box and it is the complete combination of rugby and agile whereas rugby means in which the project is completing by the entire team and agile is a change in the project.ADVANTAGES:This process has done its work according to the proper schedule of the project and the whole team always be punctual and satisfy the customer or client of the project.This process deals with the adapt changes in the project and it increases the quantity and quality of the project with some major changes and it roughly calculates that how much time a project takes.

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The team also set the cost of the project during the process which is helpful for the project owner and easily deals with the project and also the cost is minimal.DISADVANTAGES:2.1.

The most important thing in the project is a team working if the team does not work together then it may fail the process of the project so the cooperation of the team is really important.2.2. The project is only done by perfect, skilful, well educated, and experienced team members and if any team member leaves the project in mid of the process then it creates the project in the whole process.SCRUM DEVELOPMENT CYCLEPRODUCT OWNERPRIORITIZED LIST OF USER REQUIREMENTSPRODUCT BACKLOGTECHNOLOGICAL AND EXPERIENCED MANAGERSCRUM MASTERSPRINT BACKLOGBACKLOG ITEMS EXPANDING BY TEAMNEW PROJECT CREATION30 DAYS PROCESSTEAM OF THE PROJECT EXTREME PROGRAMMING (XP)Extreme programming is a software development process which mainly deals with the project planning, testing, and pair programming and after that refectory. It is a very good and process in which the small teams work together to make new software and speedily change the whole requirement of the software. The customer is the main person who decides the user stories if the testing, as well as pair programming, is well working then it is growing the software continuously.

So firstly the planning is based on client, secondly testing is done and then pair programming starts in which inspection has done and then the teams create simple designs and eventually reviews and improvement.ADVANTAGES:This process is reducing the cost and save money as well as it saves the timing and produces the project on time and the team is helpful and discuss the solution of the project together and sort out the problems and that’s why this process is a good software developer.This process firstly satisfies the employees and also increasing the number of employees and contributes to the retention of the employee.This process is very helpful for the regular checking of software and testing them so that no problem occurs during the processThis process changes the project on time according to the feedback.DISADVANTAGES:The main problem of this process is that it is not more concentrate on design as compare to the coding and this process mainly deals with coding of the whole software.This process is also weak in the measurement of code quality which creates a lot of problems in first code and then it fails the whole code qualities and does not produce perfect software.TESTINGEXTREME PROGRAMMING PROCESSPLANNINGPAIR PROGRAMMINGDESIGN AND REFACTORING RECOMMENDATION MEMOTo: OJL Business TeamCC: Odds Jobs LimitedFrom: Colin GreyEvent Table:Event Event Type Trigger Source Activity/use case System Response/output DestinationDomain Model Class DiagramDesign Class DiagramUse Case DiagramUse Case Description


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