Add from there life experiences and all of

Add Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines  Sometimes  life  can  be a  lot  to  deal  with.   Being  an  author  a  way   to  deal  with   life  is  to  write  about  it. Ralph  Ellison  was  a  black  man  back  in  the  1900s  and  it  was hard  for  him.

He  felt  like  because  he  was  black  society  didn’t  pay  him  any  mind  so  he felt  like  he  was  invisible  to  everything  and everybody.  Most  of  the  writing  authors  do  come  from   there  life  experiences  and  all  of  the  things  they  have  been  through.  Early life  Ralph  Ellison  was  born  1913. His  father  died  1916  from  work  related  action.

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Ellison  father  loved  lecture  and  loved  to  write  and  read  poems.  Ralphs  father  had  hoped  when  his  son  grew up  he  would  grow  up  to  be  a  poet.  This  is  what  started  ralph  and gave  him  the  motivation  to  want  to  write  and  teach  lecture.

  Ralph  applied  to  Tuskegee  institute  twice  and  didn’t  get  in. He  got  in  later  because  they  didn’t  have  a  trumpet player  in  the  orchestra. Tuskegee  was  an  all-black  school.  Because  it  was  an  all-black  school  Ralph thought  he  would  fit  in  better  and  be  noticed  and  it  would  be  better  than going  to  a  white and  black  school.  Ralph  realized  that  even  though  it  was  an  all  blacked  school   it  was  still  segregated  just  like  a  white  school. His influences  While Ellison  attended Tuskegee he had outsider  position.

Everyone  felt  like  they  where  better  than  one another  but   Ralph  didn’t  think  like  that at first. Thus,  that  made  him  different  than  everybody else  at  the  school. This also   made  him  invisible  to  everybody  else.  This later  on  effected  his  writing   in  the  “Invisible  Man”.    It  affected  him  because  at first  he  didn’t  think  he  was  an  outsider.

  He  became  more  accustom  to  his  environment  and  started  acting  like  everybody  else  in the  school.       3   Hence, making  him  no  longer  invisible.  Later on, it  made  it  harder  for  him to write  and  begin  his  career  as a  legendary  author .In  particular,  one  of  his  writings   is  about  being  the” invisible  man”  with  no one  knowing  of  your  existence.  RACISIM.

  Being a black man living in the 1900s wasn’t a easy  task. Its  like  he  was  born  in  a  society  that  automatically  made  black  people  invisible.  Although racism is still alive today,  in  those  times  being  black  made  you  a  nobody.  Racism  was  even  present  when  Ellison  was  supporting  politics.  In  his  life , he believed in  the  communist  party.

However ,  he  felt  betrayed  due  to  the  fact  that  he  felt  like  the  party  were  against African  Americans.   Ellison was classed 1A by the local Selective Service System.  The class of 1A meant that  he  was   available for unrestricted military service.  Although a veteran,  due  to  racism  he  wasn’t  able  to  be  drafted  for  world  war  II.

Instead  he enlisted in the merchant marine service towards the end of the war. With  that  being  said , all  of  the  racism  helped  him  create  ” The Invisible Man”.   Why invisible Man was important.

 Ellison wrote a famous book that not only   African Americans could relate to but anybody who was segregated. He  had  to  deal  with  so  much  but  that  only  made  him  a  stronger  writer.  Him  not  being  excepted  or  even paid  attention to  helped  his  career  in  a major way. Just  him  being  black  in  the  1900s gave  him  the  material he  needed  to  write  the  most  important  book  in  world  war  II. This was an  important book  of  world  war II because that’s when Ellison  stood  up  for  what  he  believed  in and  decided  to  use his  words  to  fight  back  against  the  communist  party.  Thus “The  Invisible  Man  was  created.        4    Ellison  handled  the  situation  perfectly  instead  of   using  violence  he  decided  to use  his  words.

  His  book  started  off as a  letter  explaining  how  he  felt  and  all  the  wrong  he  knew  the  communist  party  was  doing. This  response  to  the  parties betrayal. Ellison searched and got into many diffract things in his from learning the trumpet to joining the army.

This also helped in in creating the ” Invisible Man.” The novel  focused on racism but also focused on how a African American man searches for his identity and place in society while not not being noticed.            In conclusion Ralph wasn’t one of those authors who just wrote form money. He wrote a best seller book without trying. He was looking out for everyone who was ignored and treated as if they were invisible just like him. Him doing that causes him to write a best selling award winning book. If it wasn’t for the segregation and the unfairness and  being ignored and trying to figure out where you belong in this society Ellison wouldn’t have written a best seller award winning novel.

            Bringing me back to the question of how does life experience influence the creative work of an author. If Ellison didn’t go through half of the things went through he wouldn’t have wrote half of the novel’s he written. His life experience impacted his writing in a major way.  It made everything more patient and life like because you can’t actually feel what the author was going thought and how patient he was about his right when there is a personal connection  to the writers life and his literature.  


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