Advancement in the healthcare system to help nurses

Advancement of Nursing Practice NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Evolvement of Nursing Practice The nursing practice has changed drastically from the traditional nursing practices, which focused on treating heath issues to the modern nursing practices, which incorporate technology in the delivery of healthcare services (Muller & Bester, 2016). Technology has been integrated in the healthcare system to help nurses in addressing the diverse health care aspects, which include prevention, diagnoses, treatment, and support systems (Muller & Bester, 2016).

Nursing specialties have also increased to address the complex and diverse healthcare needs due to globalization with the nursing profession on the frontline to identify solutions to the developing healthcare needs (Muller & Bester, 2016). One of the historical events, which influenced the advancement of nursing, is the industrial revolution in the 19th century, which led to technological advancements, which positively impacted the nursing profession across the world (Lundy, Jane, & Lundy, 2016).This led to the manufacture of new healthcare products with the integration of machinery in the nursing profession where nurses were able to use machines and other complex equipment in their delivery of health care services (Lundy, Jane, & Lundy, 2016).

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The developments in technology impacted the economy of the United States which resulted to more people from the rural areas migrating to the urban areas in search of employment opportunities (Lundy, Jane, & Lundy, 2016). This led to overcrowding in the cities, which led to poor living conditions, which resulted in the government intervening in the provision of healthcare for the communities living in the urban areas. During this time, scientists had also an opportunity for developments in the healthcare industry with Benjamin Franklin inventing the eyeglasses to address eyesight problems (Lundy, Jane, & Lundy, 2016).

Leeuwenhoek also made some improvements on the microscope to identify body cells and bacteria, which were the main causes of most of the diseases in the urban areas. The technology advancements also led to the description of the functioning of the heart, which were major changes in the health care industry (Hunt, 2017). This led to the acknowledgement of the role of nurses in the provision of healthcare services and nursing schools were established to help in the growth of the nursing profession (Hunt, 2017). Florence Nightingale who was a leader in the nursing profession changed the nursing practice during this period after she participated in Crimean War by gathering other nurses to help the injured soldiers (Hunt, 2017).

This led to a reduction of the death rates of the soldiers, which led to the government honoring her as a national hero. This has also resulted to her recognition as a pioneer in the modern nursing practice (Hunt, 2017). ReferencesHunt, D. D.

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