Advantage concerned only with computer design and performance

Advantage of computer engineering in defense systemBY…………………………………TO………………………………… Introduction Computer Engineering is one of the branches of electrical engineering, a specialty that combines electronic and computer science Computer engineers are primarily electronics engineers, who have additional information, training and experience in software design and hardware hardware, especially in software integration with hardware. Computer engineers are involved in all areas of computing from microprocessor design, personal computers, supercomputer, circuit design, computer system integration with other types of systems (such as motor vehicles and digital systems)This specialization has developed significantly in the last three decades. It was part of electrical engineering, and was concerned only with computer design and performance improvement. The development of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, increasing its reliability, its entry into the manufacture of various electronic equipment, and the widespread use of embedded systems in domestic, industrial and military applications have spurred academic institutions to prepare a large number of engineers capable of designing various computer systems used in commercial, industrial and military fields. The view of this jurisdiction is an independent and desirable one The first undergraduate computer engineering program at Case Western Reserve University in the United States was adopted in 1971 by the ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

In 2004, the number of academic programs approved by the same body for computer engineering increased to 140.Technology developments are spearheaded by the Computer Engineering Branch. The convergence of stable technologies, such as television and computers, with emerging technologies such as the Internet and computer networks, creates new jobs for computer engineers.The increase in demand for computer engineering is expected to continue in the coming years, due to the complexity of computing and electronics technologies, and the expansion of computer engineering applications in various fields, such as space communications equipment, the automotive industry, production lines, PDA and cellular phones.In addition, the proliferation of digital computing systems in various electrical engineering applications, such as control and control systems, and generation plants has pushed the need for computer engineers at the sites of traditional electrical engineerssystems engineering System engineering includes three descriptions that you define as career, process, and perspective. Accordingly, there are key definitions of systems engineering: iterative, perfect, social and technical disciplines.

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First of all there is an urgent need to clear thinking systems. Systems thinking is the basis of the systems engineering perspective. This happens through some processes such as discovery, learning and diagnostics that help engineers to discuss the real world that allows them to understand work With complex systems. Systems thinking also has a special perspective on “perfection” of systems (INCOSE, 2006). Engineers with high-value thinking will have great awareness of “perfection” in systems and know exactly how systems can be integrated into the broader context of everyday life.

They also fully understand their technology techniques and how to manage them effectively. Systems engineering differs from traditional engineering systems, for example: mechanical, computing, software, mining, petroleum, or aviation. With the “system as a whole” perspective, systems engineering enhances the overall operation of the system.

Systems engineering interests are not only engineering design but also external factors of the system and how the system interacts and the environment (Calvano, 2004). They are also familiar with both indoor and outdoor displays. It is easy to understand systems engineering as a bridge that contains all the traditional engineering disciplines involved in a large, large and complex project. Furthermore, systems engineering lies in some key aspects of the project management concept that are of interest to engineering efforts in the project, defining project mission or objectives, guiding project implementation processes, and evaluating project results (Kalat, 2009).advantage of computer engineering in defense systemThe defense and space industries are two main areas where systems engineering is used clearly, but this concept is also used in many other areas.

Ross (2007) states that each organization is like an individual system in itself. Systems engineering is needed to improve organization and is a powerful weapon for defeating the “three evils of engineering”: lack of understanding (for project objectives and solutions to problems that occurred in the project cycle), complexity (minimizing project complexity and communication problems) among team engineers, The project).This area of engineering is becoming increasingly important, especially in projects that seek to produce large or complex systems. By applying appropriate systems engineering techniques, the project team can be able to manage complexity and change throughout the system life cycle. The need for systems engineering was also driven by the fact that over the past 50 years, the time of delivery of a new product (from prototyping to market penetration) has effectively decreased by more than four .Some of the specific objectives of the Department of Defense Systems include: to Play an important role in the appointment of a qualified naval officer with successful military capabilities and responsible marine science and knowledge.

Search for an inspiring expert and excellent practitioner to contribute to the Republic of Korea and the nation with well-informed and informed qualifications.Defending computer networks is essentially a form of cybersecurity and a measure of information security to secure military and government information systems from the threat of cyber attacks and interventions. The main purpose of the CND is to ensure that unauthorized, illegal or malicious traffic, user, or application does not allow access to a confidential IT environment / network.It is part of the Computer Network Operations (CNO) series of network operations designed to protect, exploit and attack enemy computer systems and networks. In addition, the CND is also a component of DoD’s operational security framework . References1- Boehm, B.

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