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Advantages of city lifeI prefer living in a city for some advantages. First of all, city living standards are very higher than country life. There are a lot of work places in a city, so you can find your ideal job in the city and earn much money very easily. City life is more comfortable and modern than village life.

For example, the public transport is developed quite well, so the commuting to work is not a serious problem. In every house, the electricity pipelines have connected in the life of the city which is necessary for the existence in the city. In the city you can find different health facilities and private hospitals but in the village you can not find more health facilities. Second, if you live in the city you can increase your outlook several of ways. There is always a lot to do and visit. You can join some different activity club or go to the theatre, museums, and art galleries. Museums are a great way increase your outlook. In addition, students can get a good education in the city life.

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Because education level higher than in the village. Students can use modern technology and research important information very easily. There are more choices of school or university which are very significant for students future life. Also, you have a chance to exchange another universities. For all these reasons, I prefer living in a city


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