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Advantages of the MBTIThe primary advantage of the MBTI is as a tool for self-knowledge and tolerance of others.

This can be done in various ways. For example, if the test shows that you have a personality type of INFP or the “dreamer,” you might not be very effective or happy in a job that calls for an ESTP or “persuader.” By knowing your own type, you can know which careers it makes sense for you to pursue and which it would be better for you to avoid. If you know another person’s MBTI type, you’re better able to understand why the two of you don’t always agree on things.

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Disadvantages of the MBTIThe main disadvantage of the MBTI is that it may not be very reliable. The test classifies individuals either one type or another, there is no in-between option. However, people tend to get different results if they take the test more than once and this happens most of the time. In addition, the MBTI doesn’t seem to match the results of other personality tests except in the areas of introversion and extroversion. It is therefore doubtful whether the MBTI is able to precisely evaluate a person’s type in any way.

As a tool for career guidance, MBTI is important, but should not be used for choosing candidates for a job.


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