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Advertisement and promotional subject has developed the way of sales promotion, build of public relation, marketing and advertisement and services. This report is about the how to promote the product in new market through effective implementation of marking strategy. The propose of this report is to devise through marketing plan allowing us to focus on identifying target market of our product that will have a good impact on our performance. It helps us to know about which effective media should we have to choose during the promotional time and how much we have spent the amount on that media.

Introduction A small unmanned flying Electronic vehicle which is used to take photos and videos from an aerial perspective that called a selfie drone as well sky selfie. Selfie drone is remote-control device and it has an ultra-compact light and ultra-portable. We can carry easily in our pocket and it’s very easy to control at the flying time also. The price of selfie drone is very affordable everyone can buy and gifted to others.

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Price won’t be more then 1000 dollars. ABOUT LATIVA COUNTRY 2.1 Geo-political Latvia is a country which is situates in north eastern European with a coastline along the Baltic sea. It a neighbour with Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. The northern region it links with Estonia and the southern in the Lithuania. It was joined in European union in 2004. The capital city of Latvia is in Riga which is lies in the mouth of Daugava river. Latvia is a very flat country of low-lying plains and the most of area is covered by forest.

The total area occupied by land is 62,249sq km and water is 1000sq km. The types of weather session are four, summer, winter, autumn and spring. The main languages are Latvian and Russian. Latvia is an agricultural country most of the people are involving with sea farming, fishing and forestry.

2.2 DemographicAccording to the survey of 2017, the total population of Latvian citizens is 1.9 billion.

This is a decrease of -1.18% compare to the population of last year. Out of total population 46% are male and 54 % are female. Most of the population percentage are between 15 to 64 years old which is 69.5% of total. Under 15 years old population are only 13.5 percentage and 16.

9 percentage are over 65 years old. The life expectancy of male are 67.6 years and females are 78.1 years but average life expectancy is 72.7 years old. Latvia country have long life expectancy and high level of education and good health care facilities. Gross domestic product (GDP) per capital income in current amount is around 15,403.6 U.

S dollars in 2017. Comparison to last year, it’s increasing by 2,500 US dollars. It means the economic condition of Latvian peoples have stronger.MEDIA OPPURTUNITIES Media is one of the most important communication channel as newspaper, television, radio, social media, or digital Media which through we can get education, news, information, entertainment or promotional message. According to the survey of 2017, the Latvian people are using various kind of communication media. The main sources of communication media in Latvia is TELEVISION, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, and DIGITAL media (Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

In capital city Riga 76 % of household are using the internet but the Latgale region this is less 65%. The percentage of watching television was most highly than others and it was 33%. It is opportunity for the people to know about the selfie drone. And also, company for the coverage more number of audience.

Threat for using media can be more expensive for the company. Because Latvian people are more faster in technology and they are using more digital media. 4.TARGET MARKET INDENTIFICATION Selfie drone is an electronic aircraft vehicle which are capable of flying and capturing photos and videos above the ground. Drones have useful mission to prevent injuries accidents for traveller. Students can have used for their research and also graphic design.

Drone have specific propose for specific works. Military people can have used for their protection. farmer can also use drone for the protecting of fish population. According to the customers types we have targeted the following group of customers in Latvia country Geographic: According to geographic location selfie drone are mainly focus on mostly develop cities and urban areas.4.

2 Demographic: usually teen agers from 10 to 19 years old and adults 20 to 40 years old but we not have no specific gender, education people, photography, students and couples4.3 Psychographic: selfie drone gives more importance on those people who have interest for adventure filming, interest on photography, entertainment lover.4.4 Behavioural: According to the behavioural, who is involving the social events, weeding’s party or family functions theses peoples are also target customers for selfie drone.5.Integrated marketing communication objectiveThe Integrated marketing communication helps to develop brand awareness, to increase consumers or business demand for a product category. Its encourage the repeated purchasing, increase sale and enhance brand image.

The IMC objective of selfie drone is:1. gives product knowledge for Latvian people 2. brand loyalty 3. sales objective (long term relationship with customer)6.promotional mix/media mixA media mix is a mix of communication channels which is used for achieving the marketing objective. In order to achieving the success of integrated marketing communication we have to use proper marketing mix.

In Latvia, most of the people are used digital marketing and television. But they are active in radio, printed press, using internet and google also. For the target of using promotional mix we can reach the large number of customers, target market will be coverage, geography coverage. According to the survey of 2017, Facebook user are 81.23%, Twitter user are 11.51%, television user is 33%, radio 10% and printed media user are 10%.7.

Promotion for 2018I am going to lunch a selfie drone in Latvia country on 1st of the March 2018. I have chosen this date because of the weathers. In summer time, most of the people are visited on that place and enjoying with the selfie drone. Before launching the selfie drone, I have planned to advertise selfie drone through the different digital marketing, social media, internet, google advertise and print media with in the fixed budget.


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