Advertising result of these disparagements, the advertisement industry

Advertising is a form of communication intended to convince an audience to buy products, ideas or services. While advertising can be seen as essential for economic development, it is not without social overheads. Spontaneous commercial emails and other forms of spam have become so rampant that they have constituted a major nuisance to internet users, and become financial burden on internet service providers.

Advertising regularly uses psychosomatic pressure on the intended consumer, which may be harmful. As a result of these disparagements, the advertisement industry has seen low approval rates in reviews, and negative cultural depictions.The current advertising system faces criticism on issues like consumer data being collected and shared without user consent, advertisers not getting sufficient ROI, decreasing publisher revenues leading to low quality contents, too many middlemen (data middlemen, traffic middlemen and ad middlemen) driving up costs and contributing to unnecessary consumer ad overload and most marketing research never getting done because it is cost extortionate.

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