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Rand Research Brief Summary, Drinking It In: The Impact of Youth Exposure to Alcohol AdvertisingThe study I chose is a research brief found on the Rand Corporation website. It is written by Steven Martino, Rebecca L. Collins, Stephanie Ann Kovalchik,…

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• Individuals Use social media as entertainment, to express opinion and communicate with others or to take in multiple bits of content from different media sources such as YouTube. You can also stay up-to-date about what your friends are doing,…

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Cate Elise Blanchett is an Australian talented actress and theatre director who has received many awards. Cate was born on 14 May 1969 in Melbourne. She is the middle child of June a teacher from Australia and Robert Dewitt Blanchett…

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1. The first name given to Brazil by the colonialists was “Terra do Santa Cruz” – “land of the Holy Cross.”2. In terms of population, Brazil takes the 5th place. 3. Brazil prepares the most delicious coffee drinks. 4. The…

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A paper cup is a disposable made out of paper and after lined withplastic or wax prevent liquid from leakage out or soaking by paper. Paper cups are madefrom renewable resources. The cups should be made from food grade paper…

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Though Campbell’s Soup Cans resembles the mass-produced, printed advertisements by which Warhol was inspired, its canvases are hand-painted, and the fleur de lys pattern ringing each can’s bottom edge is hand-stamped. Warhol mimicked the repetition and uniformity of advertising by…

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the article explains what advocacy advertising looks like and one of the examples they used is a familiar one that many of us notice on television during an election year. During elections either on voting for a state governor or…

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