Affection the weight on my heart removed

AffectionIt all started on my premier day of year seven. Because our form tutor is paranoid and reluctant to allow us to choose our own very seating place, we do not have an option. “Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl…” As we sat down on our respective seats, I turned right and saw my new “table buddy”, I was too stunned even to throw the indescribable image in front of me into the memory hole. Her face is as smooth as a baby’s skin. Her eyes are a rather light shade of brown.

Her nose, as normal as it seems, fits perfectly onto her face. I can barely catch my breath the moment she stared back at me. It is like asthma, but extremely pleasurable. One month, two months, three months.

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One year. One year and nine months. From “friend” to “close friend”, from “close friend” to “best friend”, from “best friend” to “best friend forever”. But after one year and ten months, things finally changed. It was the last day of year eight. Unusual as it seems, her voice had become more seductive as if her previous voice isn’t already seductive enough. Anyways, with bags packed, the weight on my heart removed after countless exams, I would have hopped out of the classroom like a kangaroo had she not suddenly cried “Tarry a little! You will not step out!” I instantly froze.

I can swear it was subconscious. Even my body listens to her command. At that moment, I actually felt a tight physical grip on me. For seconds, I thought not how I should respond to her, but how I should feel and understand the situation. But when I eventually respond, I replied with false confidence “What made you think that I will stop just because you say so?”She did not reply with words.

She stood in front of me and stared at me with those gorgeous diamonds. The next moment, it was difficult to tell who made the first move, but she was in my arms. With her alluring body strained against mine, I can feel nothing other than huge quantities of incredulity. “Oh, bæ” She whispered softly “Because I know exactly what you desire. And I will fulfill it.” “But why? I ain’t no sports team member. I ain’t got no strong muscles and abs.

I ain’t bathing in money and gold, unlike my other frie…” “Shh… I couldn’t care less.” I feel my body heating up like a microwave. I feel both of our bodies heating up.

Our noses are pushing against each other. We are getting closer and closer… and, yes! She pushed her lips against mine. I was totally relaxed.

My eyes were closed and I simply enjoyed the moment while it lasted. My hands played with her hair while her tongue gently brushes my tongue, starting the french kiss. I personally wouldn’t consider that hygienic by any means, but it felt splendid. It felt like flying into the sky with a pair of wings while drinking a jar of honey. “Oh, my love” She called out “We have all the time we want, take this slowly…”A dream come true.


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