After Coca Cola company have been affected

After conducting a brief PESTEL Analysis, this section will discuss SWOT analysis. The analysis is enlisted as follows:
6.1.1. Strengths
? The structural changes and refranchising struggle of Coca Cola industry triggering uncertainty and but it resulted in a stable growth for company’s core business sustaining strong (, 2018).
? Organic revenues of Coca Cola are foresighted to increase and it is expected that company operating performance will also gain fast pace (, 2018).
? Coca Cola is the name of a brand which has been virtually recognized by every country and acknowledged by 94 percent of population of the world (Coca-Cola, 2016).
? Coca Cola is listed on top regarding corporation for women business enterprise. It is also ranked top in terms of multicultural opportunities having significant importance in globalized world (Coca-Cola, 2016).
6.1.2. Weaknesses
? The first quarter of the Coca Cola company have been affected negatively by refranchising as revenues of company also fell by 11 percent in a year (, 2018).
? Structural changes are still taking place in Coca Cola enterprises causing a decline in sales growth and increasing uncertainty for a company. This happens due to transition from a capital-intensive organization having refranchising plans. The aim of which is structural changes in Europe, Asia, and Africa (, 2018).
? The supermarkets and fast food outlets across the globe, which have been traditionally serving Coca Cola to their customers are reportedly terminating their contracts with the company and severing the ties also (Mail Online, 2017).
6.1.3. Opportunities
? An intention to become a growth-oriented business has been expressed by Coca Cola recently. It knows that company will quickly manage to gain positive consumer behavior (Roderick, 2017).
? Coca Cola aims that focusing on innovations would enable the brand to sustain its success and position in international market. It has been noticed that first innovations had also been successful and helped the company to earn double-digit revenue growth (the Guardian, 2017).
? Coca Cola is taking steps to make their products more sustainable. It is an opportunity for the company to think about in future, where sources can be kept in perpetual cycle as divergent to be dumped after using (Boyd, 2017).
6.1.4. Threats
? The Coca Cola is thinking to improve the sustainability of its products by reusing its recycled material in creation of bottles. It is criticized on the ground that this response is half-hearted as it represents the rectification of organization’s brand image. The distinctive bottles of Coca Cola are already washed up at the seashores (Sauven, 2017).
? It is thought that a threat to Coca Cola is that consumers sense the sustainability attempt of Coca Cola as greenwashing through which company is trying to cover up its non-environmental behavior, therefore, it’s a boycott is likely (Mahoney et al., 2013).
? The main rival of Coca Cola is Pepsi. Pepsi is currently working to prioritize its premium products as well as it is also establishing a huge ecommerce platform. It is a different strategy adopted by the Pepsi as compared to the Coca Cola that may be a threat to Coca Cola company as Pepsi might catch more visibility of its brand (Gee, 2017).


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