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After getting the brief of our easy, I went to the library to make a research on my favourite designers , to get started I wrote out the names of my favourite designers on a piece of paper and I also used the dowsing rods to pick a name for my research and essay.

I decided to do some research on designers who are already in the world of 3D printing fashion. One of the fashion designers whose work inspires me a lot is Iris van Herpen. She is considered one of the most innovative and consequential designers of our time. She is a Dutch fashion designer who specializes in 3D printing and hand stitching garments to create unique designs that are not possible to be made by the hand alone.

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She loves using a-typical shapes, and materials that represent scientific concepts.Apparatus…

. Dowsing Rods and Different names of fashion designers where written on a piece of paper Names of fashion designers i wrote out Method – used for picking a fashion designer’s name for this project are as follows I wrote out some of my best fashion designer names on a piece of paper and Place it on a table. I start by holding the dowsing rods straight in my hands, at an arm’s length from my body. I also make sure the rod ends are not tipped upward or downward. I kept the rods 9 inches (22.9 cm) from each other. And allowed the rods to direct me to the fashion designer name I needed to research for my project.

During this process I held the rods steady and straight in my hands and let them direct me. I also tried not to resist any pulls I felt on the rods. I walked in the direction the rods seem to be leading me to. Eventually, the rods seem to point to Iris Van Herpen’s name I used for my project research as the rods crossed over each other.According to my findings, she was born 5 June 1984, she is form Dutch Land. During my research it was recorded that She studied Fashion Design at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem and worked as interned at Alexander McQueen in here London, and also in Claudy Jongstra in Amsterdam before she started her label In 2007. She has been a guest member of the Parisian Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, Since July 2011 part of the Fédération française de la couture.

Iris van Herpen’s first passion was dance. It was when she attended the Preparatory Course Art & Design at ArtEZ during her high school years that she became particularly interested in designing clothes.She graduated in 2006 from the fashion design department of ArtEZ. One year after graduating, Van Herpen launched her own fashion label. van Herpen creates women’s wear collections.

Her designs require every time a unique treatment of material or the creation of complete new materials. For this reason, Van Herpen prefers interdisciplinary research and collaborations with other artists.Using inspiration from science and nature, Iris van Herpen created a collection in 2015 called, “Magnetic Motion”, which focused on translucent dresses to resemble a force field. These dresses were made using laser cut acrylic mesh. For the past six years, van Herpen has presented her work to the public as a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, which according to Rebecca Mead, is a Paris institution that is the fashion world’s equivalent of a think tank.

Iris van Herpen’s work is featured in museums, such as the famous Metropolitan Museum, and has toured the art world as more of sculptures than women’s wear. Van Herpen has also designed for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, and Bjork. Van Herpen gathers a lot of inspiration from water, and does not often design away from it. She plays with her designs by draping material onto mannequins instead of drawing in 2D. She says drawing her ideas does not work for her. For her newest collection, Iris van Herpen is basing her design ideas off of her favourite element, water.

Besides the fact that she is an artistic fashion genius, I chose to research Iris van Herpen because she is someone with whom I mentally relate to Iris van Herpen is an artistic genius, I like her because her mentality, interests, and attitude remind me of myself, which is feels like a beacon of hope and inspiration. I could only dream to ever design something as imaginative and interesting as she has. Van Herpen is a true inspiration as an up and coming designer, and it was incredibly helpful to read about her design processes, and to get a peek into her life. She is widely recognized as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking creators who continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion design. Since her first show in 2007 van Herpen has been preoccupied with inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression by combining the most traditional and the most radical materials and garment construction methods into her unique aesthetic vision. Van Herpen is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a garment construction technique, and as an innovator who is comfortable with using technology as one of the guiding principles in her work because of its sculptural nature and unfamiliar form. The designer’s intent is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present by fusing technology and traditional Couture craftsmanship. Her singular vision combined with the complexity of her creations has made van Herpen a fixture on the Paris Haute Couture calendar, where she has shown since January 2011.

Van Herpen’s work has been featured in various museum exhibitions, including a major retrospective that is touring the United States since 2015, beginning with a six-month long run at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Six of her dresses were acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and seven of her works were exhibited in its highly successful 2016 “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” show. In addition to the above, van Herpen’s creations have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York, and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, among others.

Three solo books have been published on the designer’s work. “Iris van Herpen” by the Groninger Museum to accompany her first solo exhibit, “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion” by the High Museum of Art to accompany the United States museum tour, and most recently “Iris van Herpen Backstage”. Van Herpen has received numerous awards since 2009. These include the Johannes Vermeer Award, state prize for the arts (2017), the ANDAM Grand Prix Award (2014) and the Grand Prize of the European commission – STARTS (2016).Van Herpen’s distinct aesthetic viewpoint has inspired collaborations with progressive musicians and actresses such as Björk, for whose video’s and tours van Herpen has created several dresses,Tilda Swinton, Cara Delvingne, Daphne Guinness, Gwendoline Christie, Fan Bing Bing, Lady Gaga and Grimes. Her special projects included dressing the actress Scarlett Johannson in the film “Lucy” and dressing Beyoncé for her “Mine” video. As a former ballet practicer herself, van Herpen also created costumes for the Paris Opera and the New York City Ballet, collaborating with the choreographer Benjamin Millepied and the Sasha Waltz dance company in Berlin.Because of van Herpen’s interest in multidisciplinary approach to creation that goes beyond fashion, she has often collaborated with various artists such as Jolan van der Wiel and Neri Oxman and architects such as Philip Beesley and Benthem and Crouwel Architects.

The designer’s interest in science and technology has led to ongoing conversations with CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).Today, van Herpen continues to work within her Amsterdam studio, where new ideas are born, and where Haute Couture orders are meticulously crafted for her global clientele, each creation passing through the designer’s own hands. Van Herpen is known for her futuristic creations made out of non-traditional materials such as fibreglass and 3D printing! Still, each piece looked extremely light and moveable and fluid, not pieced together.

Each one of her collections has a complex theme such as “Cabriole,” “Voltage,” and “Bio piracy,” that conjures up even more imagination and self-reflection. . Source:Mead, Rebecca. (2017, September). Iris van Herpen’s Hi-Tech Couture.

The New Yorker. Retrieved September 20, 2017,from


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