After In Pune there are various places which

After Mumbai the second largest city of Maharashtra is Pune.In Pune, Shivaji established Maratha Empire which was once the Centre of Power.

One of the fastest growing regions in Maharashtra is Pune which is crowded withthe Youngsters.In Pune there are various placeswhich attracts the tourists but the centre of attraction is the Shaniwar Wada, the tour will beincomplete without visiting it once, also known as “Seat of Empire” in honourof Peshwa Bajiraro Balaji has five gates named as Dilli Darwaza, MastaniDarwaza, Khidki Darwaza, Ganesh Darwaza and Jhambul Darwaza.Shreemant DagdushethHalwai Ganapati Temple, a very popular and iconictemple in Maharashtra devoted to God Ganesh is also a major part of the Pune Tourism.It is visited by thousands of Indian and foreign visitors.St. Mary’s Church also known as the “mother church of Deccan”as it one of the oldest church in the city      constructedby East India company. A must visit place if you are planning the tour to Punein December as more than thousands of people visit there together to attend themidnight mass.

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One the most beautiful garden in Puneis Osho garden is situated behindthe Osho Ashram. The environment here is very Soothing, Natural and Calming.Its allows us to get a step closer to the Mother Nature.

From children’s to oldpeople everyone enjoys their visit in the Osho Garden.National War Museum is a memorial for our heroes “Indian Soldiers”.They Scarifies their life for our nation.

The big attraction of this museum isMIG23BN Jet fighter. During kargil war it was used. The museum is mostly madeup of pillars which attracts many tourists every year.Now talking about the food, Bedekar’sPuneri Misal tops the chart.

It is served hot with Pav andGravy which is topped with farsan and raw chopped onions which makes this amust try Dish.Another must try dish is GardenVada Pav Centre’s Vada Pav it is the best in town with Cheap prices and Goodtaste which makes it a must be in your list.                                   If you have a sweet tooth then youmust try Kayani Bakery’s Cakes and Biscuits.  Everything they have in their menu is famous.The Mawa biscuits and the Strawberry cake is the most popular item in their Bakery.

Vaishali’s Sabudana Vada, TheSabudana vada is served hot the Coconut chutney. The food is hygiene and tastythe only problem you will face is to find a seat.


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