After is really easy to get good

After mastering these things, move onto learning advanced tricks such as left rotate and finesse.

This is where it gets interesting and where Tetris seems far more advanced than most people’s play. For example instead of moving the O piece 3 to the right, you are supposed to hold right until it reaches the right side of the field, then move it back 1. Left rotate brought me from 1 minute to sub-50. Guess how you learn these? Again, practice. Take it slow. The first time you use left rotate do not expect to come close to your regular times.

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I went from 1 minute to about 1:30 average on a good game the first day I tried this.Surprisingly it is really easy to get good at competitive Tetris. The trick is to keep learning about the game, which not too many people do. Many people just play facebook tetris and which is basically playing replay bots. The issue with this is they pick up bad habits to deal with replay, waiting until they stack high and then kill them multiple times. Better players learn to use combos.

They leave 2-4 empty slots on the right instead of 1 for tetrises, and then build to the top and then clear as many rows as they can at once. This is known as 2-wide, 3-wide, or 4-wide based on how many spaces are left open. The higher the count, the more effective it is. There are tutorials about these on YouTube, so I won’t go into much detail but this is definitely worth looking into. In fact if you know these, then it might even be sufficient to get pretty far.

There’s another type of 4-wide called middle 4-wide, which instead of leaving 4 spaces on the right or left, you leave a 4 gap in the middle. Now the advantage of this is that you can’t lose by getting “topped out” since the only way you lose is if the next piece that is spawned goes above the top of the matrix. Leaving an empty gap in the middle means you won’t lose that way and you have free reign to stack up your 4 wide. The con to this is that it is much harder to do and takes a decent amount of practice.The game does not stop at learning how to combo, or learning how to do tetrises though. People generally know about t-spins, which is like messing up the board and then fixing it with a T. A t-spin sends extra lines to the opponent.

It is actually imperative for any player that is serious to learn t-spins for tournaments. A t-spin double beats tetrises in many ways. It takes 2 lines to send the same lines as a Tetris. You can make t-spins out of any piece in any location while a Tetris requires you to make a blank column somewhere.

This is probably the most difficult part of learning Tetris. Learning when to use t-spins and how to set them up, is what makes this game more than just a basic game. Not only do you have to recognize t-spins from any gap position, you have to be able to set them up with efficiency and speed. After being a master of all types of t-spins including minis, triples, and singles, you can confidently call yourself a pro and use your newly found decision making skills in the real world.


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