After was able to shift my perspective

After seeing the good and bad (juxtaposition) in Kentucky, I finally saved up enough money to purchase a beat up 1955 Volkswagen bug. After I said goodbye to Mama, I hit the road for good, and I did not intend to ever look back at Kentucky. I needed a fresh start and desired to be away from men like Newt Hardbine.

Within a few days, a lot changed for me. I was given a baby, and I should have reproached the women for it because I knew nothing about him/her, except that it belonged to my ‘sister’, who I was not aware of. After I spent some time with the baby, I named him/her Turtle. While Turtle and I were headed out of Oklahoma, we soon reached Arizona. Suddenly, a strange man pointed out that both of my tires were flat. I searched for the nearest tire repair shop, and found myself close to “Jesus is Lord used Tires” . Looking back at the moment when I first entered Jesus is Lord used Tires, I am forever grateful. Several days have passed since then, and I have developed as a person.

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I was once terrified of filling up tires, but I then found myself working at a tire shop. After heard about Newt Hardbine father’s incident, in which he got blown up by a frenzied tire (personification), I worried. However, once I met Mattie, owner of the tire shop, everything changed. For some reason, she had a lot of clout, and was able to compel me to work for her; I was terrified, knowing I would regret this moment forever, but I could not be resigned, as I needed to obtain two brand new tires.

But once I revealed my fear to Mattie, she was able to console me. She educated me about the different types of tires and was able to shift my perspective on them. Because of Mattie, I am mature; I am no longer afraid of blowing up tires.  Lou Ann- tug fork water- (2)  editedReal family means people who love and trust you through everything, and are aware of the sentimental values in your life. I had been quite stressed, as I needed mettle in order to depend upon myself and to sacrifice a lot to give Dwayne Ray a good life. I felt like I was struggling all alone, like a lonely cloud (pathetic fallacy). I needed to be my own leader that worked based off of my own ideas, which did not make me feel pressured at all (verbal irony). I was well aware that baptizing my son would be the best thing to do in my situation.

Fortunately, I was lucky, since my mother and grandma decided to visit me and support me while I took care of Dwayne. I was fortunate because my grandmother brought a dirty Coca-Cola bottle that contained cloudy water, indicating its location; it had come from Tug Fork, the creek where I was baptized from as a child, and the same one I planned to baptise Dwayne Ray in. The same night, I sensed Angel from his pungent odour of alcohol. He came in unexpectedly to pack his things and leave again. He began to ask several questions regarding the tug fork water, which piqued my interest. I realized his negligence when he poured it down the drain. After this moment, his insensitivity and lack of piety towards me was clearer; his actions had prompted me to recognize that I feel indifferent towards him. Angel’s presence was different from the feelings of a women filling up the house: he was a trifle.

The tug fork water allowed me to realize that only family members could have understood the sentimental value of it. I went through a magazine and found a picture of ….. 


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