After this goal. Amongst these differences they

After WWII, the US and the USSR were the world’s strongest nations and were called the superpowers. They fought a war of ideas called the Cold War. The two different democracies never officially declared war on each other but did fight indirectly in proxy wars. The USA was a capitalist country where business owners could keep the money that they made, the people of the nation had a choice and freedom of speech and elections could have more than one political party competing. The USSR was a communist country where the wealth of the country was shared out equally. Businesses would have no competition, as there would only be one company for each product and election would only have one political party.

United states Point of view

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Some say that the USSR is to blame for the Cold War mainly through countries views on the USSR and what the USSR planned to do with Nazi Germany. Stalin wanted to dominate the world under communism and his takeover europe was seen as the first step toward this goal.

Amongst these differences they , also had different aims as well , as to what to do with Germany after the WWII. The distrust between the USA and USSR emerged very early on, during WWII when the USSR signed the nazi-soviet pact with Germany. This pact stated that no offensive action would be taken between the two sides.


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