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Ahmed AhmedOPM610NAAProf , Marry DraneOct 29,2018The Goal AssignmentThe Goal A Process of Ongoing ImprovementQ.1 The crisis point was very high in Alex’s career as he was going through so many challenges in his life. He wanted to settle his life by going back to his hometown and enjoy his life with the family. But things were not quite turning up right for him. His UniCo factory was facing various issues and if these issues would not be getting resolved in time, the factory may get closed. This threat was even bigger for his career.

The production department was not able to perform as per expectations, and inventories are always getting late. This situation was making the conditions worse for Alex’s career, as he was not able to move back to his hometown with his wife, and that’s why his terms with the wife were also not going well. This was the time, when he met his physics professor Jonah. This meeting with Jonah was a good one for him as his professor helped him to think in a challenging pattern.

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The professor helps him in this crisis time by explaining some concepts with simple terms so that Alex can get out of this extremely bad career situation (Goldratt ; Cox, 2004, pp. 16-26) Q.2 It depends on the overall situation and the thinking style of the manager that why they want their employees to work all the time, regardless of the negative consequences.

Maybe it happens because managers are always under pressure to give expected productivity. The productivity can be a factor, which keeps managers busy all the time, and they also want their employees to remain busy all the time. They want their employees to work even late and produce as much productivity as possible.

In short term, it may be good for the manager and the organization, but when such a strategy is looked in long term perspective. It does not seem good at all, because when employees are stressed too much to work all the time or even stay late at work, their motivation ; satisfaction level decreases significantly. When employees will be dissatisfied and unhappy, then their commitment level for the organization will also go down, which is never a good sign for any organization, because it is the time, when even useful resources start thinking to switch their job.

This is how an organization can get into a worse condition (Goldratt ; Cox, 2004, pp. 37-40). Q.3 The camping trip was a great learning curve for Alex and his team, because whatever happened there, they were able to understand the importance of teamwork. During their hiking, Alex was able to find new things and approaches by doing it in a practical manner. Like he asked his team to stay in one line and stay together. The fastest one was there to lead the others, and it was ordered by him that no one will break the discipline of the line, and nobody will cross the other person. Alex told his team that reaching the camp early is not a success for a person; rather success is when all of the team members will reach the camp together successfully.

The idea of learning was that when individuals are working together, they should not act like a bunch of individuals, going for their own goals, rather they work together to achieve the collective goal (Goldratt ; Cox, 2004, pp. 121-125)Q.4 Alex was not sure that how things to be continued, and here again, he consulted his professor Jonah, which came up with another idea, and told Alex that there are always few bottlenecks in the production process, which don’t have the capacity to meet the demand. And these bottlenecks need to be identified so that their capacity could be increased to keep things on the right track. This was the time when Alex and his team go to find the bottleneck, and they soon realize that NCX-10 was the bottleneck in their production plant. Alex sets priories for the bottleneck to first work on the overdue orders. The team developed a process of priority, where it was made sure that bottleneck parts will be done on priority, and non-bottleneck parts work well be done after that.

This is how they stressed more focus on the bottleneck and worked to achieve better results from the bottleneck machine (Goldratt & Cox, 2004, pp. 161-180)Q.5 As mentioned earlier that Plant was having few bottlenecks, which were not fully working to their capacity. And with the help of Professor Jonah, Alex was able to find bottleneck with his team, and that was NCX-10 machine. So, they changed the whole work procedure and kept things very simple in their production.

They made sure that bottlenecks are done on priority so that maximum output is gained from them, and non-bottleneck things were done later as they always can meet the demand. The new system actually started working well, and they were able to increase their capacity by making the due orders in time. This overall process also helped UniCo to timely ship the order for Hylton Smith (Goldratt & Cox, 2004, pp. 308).Q.

6 I must say after reading this novel that when it comes to explain business fundamentals in detail with real world situations, this novel proves to be a great one for not only managers, but employee and range of businesses. This novel explains in detail that how it is important for managers to distinguish between inventory, operating expenses and throughput. The manager has to find the constraint in the production process, which is proving to be a bottleneck, and slowing the process (Goldratt & Cox, 2004, pp.144-146). The novel explains in so much detail that what managers can do to deal with such constraints. First of all, they need to identify that which system constraints are there. Then next steps are to exploit those constraints to elevate the process.

Then work slowly to achieve the targets through breaking those constraints. The other great thing about this novel is the idea of teamwork, which is explained with practical situations that how a bunch of individuals should work together to achieve their common goals, because when individuals work as team, that’s when they achieve real success. ReferenceGoldratt, E. M., ; Cox, J. (2004).

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (3rd Revised Edition ed.). North River Press.


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