AIM/ Furthermore, other researchers in 2017 indicated

AIM/ OBECTIVEThe purpose of the researcher’s topic is to investigate the impact of ageing population on national health and the various negative impacts this has on services such as, National Health Services (NHS), Residential home, GP practice, public health, N;A, housing for elderly people etc. and what structures and strategies that the UK government is going to put in place to reduce and prevents the risks. HYPOTHESISDue to studies of life expectancy conducted in 2015 stated that, a newborn today is more likely to live up until the age of 90 and over. In contrast to a person who was born in 80s who’s life expectancy was capped at around the age of 80. According to the NHS, (2015) people live longer nowadays due to the development in medication and the application of scientific knowledge for medical purpose (NHS, 2015 online).It could also be argued that even though this is a nationwide achievement to celebrate, on the other hand it progresses with difficulties that are more likely going to affect both socially and economically the communities. Furthermore, other researchers in 2017 indicated that The UK’s health services institution is facing a significant increase demand in budget, due to highly increase of elderly people in the communities.

It’s reckoned that between 2025 and 2030 most elderly people between 65 and 85 years old will require to be admitted into social facilities, such as nursing home. Predominately because the prevalence of dementia and organic disease that are affecting older generation (Broseley 2017). It could be suggested that the government must investigate the national health services regarding elderly’s care and budget to minimise the constraint, which is linked to the researcher’s main objective and it’s going to support the argument in the researcher’s literature review for the dissertation. LITERATURE REVIEWA literature review could be described as academic articles and any other sources that are relevant to researcher’s topic area of investigation or theories. By using academic resources in literature review, it will help the investigator to critically analyse the work, provide descriptions, overview and evaluate the tasks in relation to problem being examined (Sage, 2011).It can be considered that, it’s important to understand the research method, how will be applied by the investigator to write a literature review.

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Dissertation will be divided in three layers. Firstly, there are some primary studies that the investigator will conduct to gather information required to investigate the impact of ageing population on the national health services. In this instance analysts believe that primary research is still a useful method for his task, however it’s not the only choice made of his research method.

On the other hand, student believe that this research method will give him a chance to ask relevant questions to health care professionals that works alongside him. As stated by the National Audit Office (2016) due to high needs of ageing population health professionals are more likely to be working everyday under pressure to meet everyone’s needs (National Audit Office, 2016). Once gathered relevant information from colleague, the investigator is convincing that he can do further studies that will allow him to easily move on to secondary research method. Secondly, the review of primary studies will help the analyst to summarise and give new clarifications built from augmentation beyond the primary studies. However, this research method will allow the investigator to gather 90% of the information, which will allow him to produce an academic literacy review. As mentioned in paragraph five, by using academic tools such as, academic journals, books, audio tapes, articles etc. these academics equipment could be classed as secondary research method. Therefore, they will help the investigator to critically analyses his work in many ways and contribute to the argument related to the topic being inquired too.

Finally, in the student’s literature review there will be awareness of the subject through the sense. This will be facts, opinions, conclusion and interpretation that are shared by other sources to become part of the investigator’s learning fields. Its important to recognise that, in the third layer of the investigator’s literature is where the layer of knowledge will be cited even though it may have a loose connection to the investigator’s primary and secondary studies. However, any information find will remain around the topic.Also, the analyst’s literature reviewed will be designed to provide overview and combining of relevant sources such as books and journals. Student will use argumentative review style to analyse the topic.

Kennedy (1998) suggested that argumentative review in the literature aim is to support a body of literature that establishes opposite opinion. For example, immigration control and government policies etc. (Kennedy M, 1998)It can be shown that argumentative review style will be suitable for the student dissertation because it will give the value-laden of social and economic issues which is among the main purpose of the topic. Furthermore, this method requires the researcher to use more variety of academic sources and secondary research method that will help to be analysing and evaluating the issues.

METHODOLOGYUse of academic journal independent learning As the researcher understands very well his topic area therefore he will draw a brain mind map. Details to be included on are, a central of idea, branches, key codes, colour codes and images if needed. The reason researcher will create a mind map is to help him stay on the subject while writing his dissertation. It’s always very important to produce one when writing dissertation, last year we used one when we wrote a mini dissertation in level 5 and it was very beneficial for. The analyst was able to stay on track during his project he also managed to work with a lot of confidence and the researcher managed time during his academic work very well because everything was planned. It can be concluded that if this method is applied in the project again it will be very beneficial for the researcher’s task.


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