Aircraft history of early flights comes from

Aircraft are heavier than air.

It is winged fixed and can be flown through cooperation on its own power and balance. Generally, the term aircraft is often referred to as aircraft or aircraft with the aim of defining the same as a vehicle capable of flying in the air. The term plane is much wider in its sense as it includes aircraft and helicopters.The history of early flights comes from the name of Malayan Airways. Malayan Airways has linked between island and Singapore by ocean steamship company, Liverpool and The straits steamship company, Singapore. In addition, Imperial Airways led to the establishment of Malayan Airways Limited or (MAL) on 12 October 1937.Subsequently, in 1947, the first aircraft started with Airspeed Consul flown from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur.

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Not only that, but Malayan Airways Limited known as (MAL) has grown rapidly for only 3 months and it covers Jakarta, Medan, Palembang and even Saigon.British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) or better known as British Airways is a shareholder in Malayan Airways Limited (MAL). It also provides technical services for aircraft repair and also training. Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) has always met the regional requirements as an example they have bought a DC-3 capable of accommodating 21 passengers.

In 1958, Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) added more aircraft and acquired five Beavers and one DC-4 sky master. In fact, this aircraft was used to be flown in Hong Kong.The first destination of Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) is in Southeast Asia. In 1959, Malayan Airways Limited entered the jet era with the purchase of Vickers Viscount aircraft. In addition, many changes have occurred from time to time and from year to year. This experiment was upgraded from land transportation to air transportation.

Subsequently, in the 1970s, the industry was controlled by the American giants Boeing and Douglas. It was designed in the 1970s. The Airbus A300 is the leader in airbus into the aircraft manufacturing industry.

To solve the challenging airbus, the aircraft will cover every industrial sector and imagine a family in every airbus. It’s also from its good capabilities and through good routes. Additionally, they use the A300 airbus aim to use multiple-model coded numbers such as the A300B1 via the A300B9. They have produced the single aisle for the first A320, even though they are going forward and they turn their attention back to the remote version of the twins. Subsequently, the market was also ready to replace the boiling 707 Boeing and DC-8 Douglas.

Douglas DC10 and Lockheed L1011 have been replaced by tri-jets by the A300B9. Meanwhile, the A300B9 has been slowly redeveloped. The A300 is becoming more and more economical than the older jets. Then the A300B11 was added to the plan against Douglas DC8 and Boeing 707.

Next, both A300B9 and A300B11 were two aisle aircraft and the markers were changed to TA (twin lanes) 9 and TA11. In 1982, the initial specification, Airbus has issued both of these types.Once upon a time, McDonnell and Douglas held talks to investigate an airplane joint venture and held as AM300. Because McDonnell’s actions and Douglas have collapsed and they confirmed the tri-jet configuration but something went wrong that Airbus could not accept.The TA9 and TA11 designators were originally reversed but it made sense that the four-engine version should carry the designator with a 4 in it, so the A340 four-engine airliner came into being.

The TA9 and TA11 become the A330 and A340 program which was officially announced by Airbus in Munich on 27 January 1986, when they called for interest for a launch customer. In May of that year, they sent sales proposals to 5 major airlines for both types.For example, Airbus looks to the non-fixed shaped wing instead that would turn into an optic form or an incredible shape that depends on the flight phase of the aircraft.

This will also result from a 2% increase in the fuel economy. But there are some downsides of the fuel that fall because it’s too hard to rebuild.Finally, the Airbus A340 is still capable of carrying many passengers even though the Airbus A340 has a problem at a certain time.

The Airbus A340 is also almost crashed and has also been landing with unmanageably unmanageable. Despite having trouble at the time, fortunately the safety of passengers at the time was all in a safe state. As of today Airbus A340 is still remembered by the whole country.


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