2018feminism There seems to be

Akshaykumar PatelDr. Cameron CrawfordENGL 1103January 22, 2018feminism There seems to be no reason to argue about feminism. In today’s modern world feminism seems to appear everywhere and has become very common among the people of two different genders.

There are many different males and females who looks at feminism in a very different manner. In this case you can’t give feminism an exact or a perfect definition. Many people believe in feminism and many do not, believing and being a feminist is not a cruel thing. Being a feminist I think males and females should face their troubles by working together towards finding the solution that helps both male and female in which they agree and benefit from it. Many institution and the government are unable to provide females with the same resources as males.

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For an example, many jobs pay men more for doing the same work as women. I myself look at feminism as a role in which all males and females are treated equal, no discrimination among each other and they should all have equal rights and opportunities.Body paragraph 1Equal treatment of men and women-       Dose society treat men and women equally?-       Why should men and women be treated equally?-       What will they benefit by being treated equal?-           


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