Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” This quote means that your imagination is more important than what you learn in school. I would say I agree with this quote. Not until the 18th century that it was considered to be knowledge that the earth was flat. This so called knowledge was questioned by people with theories and those theories were proven true. Does that mean that the earth being flat was never knowledge since proven to be untrue? Can something be considered knowledge if there is no evidence to support the theory? How is it evidence can be found for something that is untrue or not proven to be true? How can it be called ‘knowledge’ then, surely it remains a theory, which comes from imagination.

So picture this… you are standing on a beach, the waves are crashing on the shore, the sun is setting.

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If you made a picture in your mind then you just imagined. Now think about the scientist. If they didn’t use their imagination to think of say how an atom looks or that the earth is round then we would still not have any languages.We would be nowhere without imagination. All the stuff we think up pretty much comes from our imagination.


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