Albert to different areas of the country. Einstein

Albert Einstein was an absolute genius, a humble, hard worker, and is “Time’s most influential person of the 20th Century.” ( I chose him for the History Hall of Fame Project because I think that he was one of  the greatest people in history.

For comparison, Niels Bohr was a scientist who made his model of atoms. Einstein was a scientist, but he did a plethora of more things.  He was such a great leader, a master of science, a legitimate musician, and a dexterous thinker of the world. Even though he was a genius, he was still humble about being one. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

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” (Albert Einstein) Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. During his childhood, he relocated to Munich, Germany. He was born into a Jewish, middle-class family. His parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein. Einstein had only one younger sister named, Maja. Maja was Albert’s best friend.

During his childhood, he was a shy and introverted child. Also, his sister and he were introduced to music at a young age. His family moved occasionally to different areas of the country. Einstein did not graduate high school, and had to attend a special school instead. In 1902, he a kid named, Liersel, but she passed away.

1903 was the year that Einstein was married to Mileva. He had two sons: Hans Albert and Eduard. Hans Albert was born in 1904, and Eduard was born in 1910. Eventually, he divorced Mileva in 1919. Instead, Albert married a cousin named, Elsa. In Einstein’s later life, he accomplished many things. He had already made wonderful experiments, tours, and speeches.

Also, he had acquired his Phd in Science at Zurich University, and previously had numerous jobs. He was practically famous by now. Albert was world-known as a genius. He passed away in Princeton, New Jersey on April 18, 1955. Albert Einstein had faced multiple challenges in his life. During his childhood, he was teased for being the only Jew in a Catholic school. Not only as a child did he faced this anti-Semitism, but during his entire life he dealt with it. He even fled Europe because the Nazis were after him.

Also Einstein was a shy kid and because of that, his teachers teased him. They made fun of him just because he was quiet, and they thought that he was stupid. Einstein also tried to prove various complex theories, and that was not easy to do. He had to work hard for his education.

Also, other scientists and the entire association of scientists, didn’t think that Albert was worthy enough. Einstein had troubles supporting his family. That was because he was fired from a myriad of jobs. He was told he could not do most things.Another struggle that crushed Albert was schizophrenia and other various problems. During the 1930s, Eduard had schizophrenia. Eduard would be in an asylum or another mental institution for his lifetime.

Then, in 1936 his wife, Elsa, passed away. In the 1950s, Einstein eventually suffered from schizophrenia himself. Albert Einstein had an enormous impact on history. In 1905, he started to develop papers on photons, the unique theory of relativity, cosmology, E=mc², the quantum theory, and the photoelectric effect. These theories are theories of the world, the complex universe, energy, mass, light, and the dynamics and such of the world. He officially published them in 1915.

In 1925, he composed the united field theory. This theory was about physics and the universe. 1935 was the year that led to the EPR experiment. This experiment was about electrons. Einstein has a myriad of quotes. They are inspiring and relevant. In fact, most people still find them interesting today.

He actually was a fantastic writer. I think that his quotes are astonishing.  Albert Einstein had various political and religious ideals. He was a Jew and a pacifist. He did not believe in a personal God.

Instead, Albert had his own image of God. He was a prodigal person in the Zionist movement, opposed Germany plunging into war, and he wanted to advocate for the rights of African Americans. Einstein had several cultural and economic impacts. The word “Einstein” is a cultural and universal term meaning genius. Most of the world knows who he is, too. We see Einstein in cartoons, too. What most people don’t know, is that he influenced the atomic bomb and the Manhattan Project. In 1939, he sent a letter of premonition to President Roosevelt, foreboding that Germany might have nuclear weapons.

He said that America should research weapons. If he had not done this, America’s economy would be done for. So would our culture of knowing that we defeated the Germans in WWII. Albert Einstein basically stopped Hitler from becoming too powerful. Albert Einstein is intelligent, humble, and is influential. If Einstein had not been conceived, the world would not be the same. He was an awesome leader.

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