Alessia goals. He has two projects in mind,

AlessiaMazzamauro 26787002January21st 2018  Vermont Teddy Bear Company (VTB) is aprivately owned company that was founded in 1981 by John Sortino.

VTB has extendedit’smarketing base to BearGrams plush toys, PajamaGrams and Calyx Flowers floral arrangements.VTB sales are mostly seasonal, with a large amount of their sales occurringduring Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. The Chief information officer (CIO),Bob Stetzel, is interested in better aligning IT with their businessoperational needs and goals. He has two projects in mind, either investing infull featured ERP packages or taking other steps that would more quickly yieldtangible results. The first issue is the limited businessknowledge of the CIO Bob Stetzel. There is a small number of employees who havethe operational knowledge to run the day to day operations during peak seasons.Stetzel’s IT staff consist of only seven ITprofessionals and they have previously worked in troubleshooting andproblem-solving and have limited knowledge in application development, systemand software upgrades. AnotherIT challenges faced by the company is its inefficient informationinfrastructure that includes package software applications supported by manydifferent vendors.

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This means that each department is using different softwareand program packages. Stetzel is looking to use a more efficient ITinfrastructure in order to be less dependent on middleware and will supportcurrent needs in the operation. As previously mentioned, this will be achallenge given the lack of knowledge and training of the current ITprofessionals. An alternative solution would be to haveevery employee know all of the systems that VTB has in place.

The problem withthis solution is the amount of money it would take to train each of theemployees to learn all of the systems they have in place. Another alternative wouldbe to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in order to lessenthe dependency on middleware applications. By incorporating this package, everydepartment would utilize similar programs instead of all using different ones. Theissue with the middleware software is that it struggles to handle the majorityof the business needs during peak ordering systems. This would be the bestsolution since having every department using different systems could lead tocritical errors and could also prolong the correction process to these errors.  An issue with this alternative is in the shortrun, implementing ERP will be costly since they will need to train each of theemployees to learn all of the systems they have in place.

However, it will beworth it in the long run with the advancement of the company.


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