All goal of the project was economic

   All Sida supported rural electrification projects studied as part of this evaluation are based on extensions of the national grid, supplied by hydropower, and implemented by the national power utility Electridicade de Mozambique (EdM). Sida has also engaged in multidonor financing of rural electrification interventions – notable with Norway and with Denmark. Sida has as part of other projects supported the formulation and/or updating of energy generation, transmission and distribution master plans. Sida’s financing has been on a grant basis to the Government of Mozambique (GoM), which on lends to the investment funds to EdM. As part of the present evaluation, quantitative and qualitative fieldwork was carried out in Ribáuè district and Morrumbala district. The rural electrification projects financed in Mozambique between 1997 and 2010 comprise the following five schemes, totaling Swedish financing of SEK 474.

1 million:l  Ribáuè/Iapala (1997-2000) SEK 51millionThe overall goal of the project was economic growth in the area through empowering local industries, creating new industries and thus creating employment opportunities. The extension of the national grid in the region enabled 1000 households, 25 small-mid industrial and few commercial consumers, health centers and schools. l  Morrumbala (2001-2004) SEK 47 millionThe electrification in the Morrumbala area, Zambezia province was to make pre-requisites for economic development, as a result, to lessen poverty. About 1300 domestic, 35 small-mid industrial and several commercial and customers were connected to the national network. l  Gurué-Cuamba-Lichinga (2001-2006) SEK 120 million + NOK 189 millionTransmission line, local distribution networks, main substations and a diesel generating set is installed in Lichinga Thermal Power Station. The new transmission line allows increased economic activity and better living conditions in the area. The project was done with the Norwegian team.  l  Niassa Province (2005-2011) SEK 52 million + NOK 41 millionThe project utilized the extension of the grid of Norwegian/Swedish funded transmission line from the substation in Cuamba.

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During the first two years, about 950 households, 35 commercial and 20 public institutions such as schools and health clinics were connected. For productive use of energy, operational and maintenance organization was established and trained personnel and consumers.  l  Sofala, Manica and Tete province (2003-2007) SEK 130 millionThe grid extension electrified 2500 domestic, 104 industrials and numerous commercial customers along with health clinics and schools. The public lighting was installed in the town centers and an organization was founded for training of personnel.

The project was started to meet the demand for the electricity so that the three areas can achieve economic and social development.    


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