All them with a protective layer of training,

All organisations must provide high quality products or service to keep the business going like Tesco. Therefore, the achievement of customer satisfaction must be a major objective in all organisations. Everyone needs to visit the supermarket to buy necessary products (e.g. food, milk and baby food). Many restaurants and takeaways shop their materials in supermarket.

So, everyone can be the customer of Tesco. Every day we always see male, females, families, teachers and mothers with their kids, single disables, and students shop in a supermarket. Each of them has different needs and expectations. Therefore, Tesco must provide a lot of facilities and very good customer service to meet the expectations. Also, this is because all Tesco customers have their own individual needs.

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Each different customer likes to be provided with different services to make them self-feel more comfortable and happier. If Tesco customers like what Tesco produce/offer, it is mostly for them to com back and shop again in Tesco. For example, many customers have asked Tesco that they would want clear aisles for them to find what they need. Before anything Tesco must analysis and decide what kind of service will need to be provided and must understand clearly customers’ expectations. Tesco have a code of conduct and they make sure ever rule is followed.

To make sure they followed the law, they developed policies and blueprints on each key risk issue. These provide them with a protective layer of training, guidance and support to ensure that they know how the rules apply to them. (

Customers service is controlled by legislation and regulations to protect businesses and, most importantly, their customers. There are many consumer protection legislation in Tesco for example like: Sales of Good Acts 1979 and under this act products sold must be undamaged and in good working order/ condition. If the customers think the product doesn’t meet their needs or requirements they easily reject them and ask for their money back or to request for a repair or replacement/ claim compensations etc. Another legislation is Data Protection Act. This protects any information stored in the computers. Also it organises personal information in the database and this makes it necessary for the government to regulate the ways in which such information should be stored and used.

It also requires the information must be acquired legally, and the data must be only used for the purpose. Tesco have their own codes of practice to provide good customer care that can be monitored, measured and make sure any necessary improvements.


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