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All too often, many American companies that come to China fail to succeed with their business endeavors. When it comes down to a specific company, it may be difficult to say the same. As most may know, Starbucks, better known as the world’s largest coffee chain, became a successful part of the Chinese market quite some time ago.

Starbucks ultimately created its own path to the Land of Tea in the year 1999. Through its distinction from other companies that have previously come to China and have failed to prosper, Starbucks somehow has made it through their obstacles over their many years of business there. Let’s be realistic, from the beginning up to this present day, everything was not always a piece of cake. As an American company, it is impossible to take your business to another country without “doing your homework”.

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Having been in China for over nineteen years, the first nine years were not very successful. Patience and commitment played a huge role in the success of Starbucks being locally relevant in China. In addition, when it came to comprehending certain issues that were difficult to understand, networking and friendships were vital. The ultimate question is; How did a company such as Starbucks make a change to these very strong accustoms of this specific country?


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