Almajeda, study to ensure the accuracy of the

Almajeda, Gambong, Holland, Ortiz
Objectives of the Study
Soil is interpreted differently subjecting on the field of study. An agronomist classifies soil depending on the minerals it may contain. However, through a geotechnical engineer’s view, soil has a broader scope which does not only include minerals but also fragments of rock, volcanic substances, and other residuals of rock weathering. Hence, laboratory soil testing is specifically needed to define the index properties, shear strength, compressibility, and hydraulic conductivity of a soil. (R. W. Day)
Understanding and interpreting the result of the soil test properly is crucially needed in this study to ensure the accuracy of the soil assessment map and the suggested building foundation for each soil.
Collectively, the aim of this study are as follows:
To conduct soil testing for the different areas of Buhangin Proper.

To conduct a soil assessment that would determine the soil quality to prevent its misuse.

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To determine the appropriate building construction methods coinciding with the soil assessment.

To provide an overview of the soil types available in Buhangin Davao City through a soil map.

Throughout the duration of this study, the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) will be the standard for the quality measures of the soil test conducted. Therefore, laboratory tests should correspond to the standard procedure established by the ASTM to mitigate errors in interpreting the outcomes.


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