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Although I can say that my individual GHG emission is lesser than the typical household emissions but I was able to ascertain that mine is not a green household as they have even lower emissions. The finding quiet surprised me because if one individual household such as mine can make such a huge difference then what about those multinationals and trans national organizations whose business depends upon resource usage? Sustainability must be taking a back seat in many such firms. I was even more astonished by the video namely, “the north pacific gyre” which enlightened me on how a beautiful island having several animal and plant species is not one of the biggest world’s landfill.

I do not think that we are doing enough to make a change because we are considering sustainability to be an option when it is no more a choice. When I was made aware of the different approaches businesses are using to ensure sustainability such as triple bottom line approach and 6 phases to sustainability, I had a positive feeling in the sense that there are measures and ways which can be considered (Rogers and Hudson, 2011). According to Rogers and Hudson, (2011), there are 7 key organizations which serve as a lesson to others on how triple bottom line sustainability approach can be successful. I would like to bring forward, 2 out of the 7 companies list (Rogers and Hudson, 2011). For example, Seventh Generation and DHL. Seventh generation belongs to the cleaning products industry where chemical rules are strict. The company has proven that products to clean can also be sound and sustainable in environmental terms.

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The company makes use of only nature based elements which also prove effective capability to clean while ensuring that people are protected and so is the environment. On the other hand, DHL shows a true example of how companies should use triple bottom line approach. DHL being a shipping organization consumes more oil and gas (Rogers and Hudson, 2011).

By enacting a revolutionary program for delivery, the company has shown that supply chains can have efficiency. Using courier people on bicycles in various European nations, inclusive of Netherlands and Germany. It was estimated by the company that such a change will result in decreasing 152 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in a year (Rogers and Hudson, 2011).

I think these companies have taken up a huge step and have started to make a difference but will it be sufficient is what I want to ask? Even if 40 percent of the world population shifted to being green households there would still be 60 percent of us who are still not sustainable. This will not make a difference (Warren, 2017). What companies such as DHL and Seventh generation are trying to tell people and other organizations is that no matter what the approach they use, be it triple bottom line or the phases of sustainability approach, the requirement is to make a difference by corporates following their corporate social responsibilities. When looking at the 6 phase of sustainability, I also found that there are many companies still in the rejection phase and many are in compliance but there are some very sustaining corporations that transform the future for example Enviropure systems.

This firm is a sustainable corporation evident from the food waste solutions that it has to offer. The company has ensured a solution to speed up the process of composting and to create byproducts which can be utilized to landscape and to form gardens. This has also led towards reducing the use of resources such as water usage (Moscardo and Wells, 2013). However, I think that the phase model of sustainability should include more options such as the carbon footprint issues and the use of reduced cost arenas.

If the stakeholders continue pressurizing their firms, it will be possible for the government to ensure a hold on CSR and its workability. However I do believe the need for a standardized framework that companies can adopt to allow them an easier move towards sustainability. As a starting point, it is essential to begin by categorizing a firm as per the Dunphy’s stages of sustainability. Businesses should focus on moving through a proactive and holistic approach that sustains the future. In the future I believe that I have a crucial role to play especially learning from sustainable firms which have made it possible.

Using the sustainability approaches and being a sustainable corporation is the need of the hour for corporates evident from the worldwide strict regulations on carbon disclosure. I comprehend that while corporates are indulged in playing their individual role, community members on the other hand, have a major role to play.


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