Although the justice system, their defining features

Although it is common for psychopaths to be labelled as ‘criminals’, psychologists have found that ‘psychopaths differ from ordinary criminals in that their typical criminal career is relatively short, with the exception of certain individuals that spend much of their life as delinquents.’ This proposes the idea that psychopathy should be included in the mental health legislation where they are able to challenge their inner subconscious conflict; which should discourage the tendencies to become culprits and receive treatment instead of being sent to prison repetitively for minor crimes.According to Hare, aggression and violence are not unitary concepts as they involve many levels of interpersonal and social complexity. He states ‘even though not all psychopaths come into close contact with the justice system, their defining features clearly place them at high risk for crime and violence’ highlighting the positive correlation.

Psychopaths constitute approximately 1% of the global population but they represent the 25% of prison population in the United States. Although this statistic advocates in favour of the correlation, it does portray that when society is preoccupied with a disciplinary approach instead of concentrating on the rehabilitation of offenders, the result is overcrowded prisons. This is an issue which should not be apprehended by Engl

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