Although the Hutu and Tutsi

Although the Hutu and Tutsi had similar origins, but there were still differences which caused the controversies between in the two. Which were formed through a class system also based on the power one of the groups had which were the Tutsi. Even though these groups formed part of the same culture or origins. According to Kimonyo, “On the one hand, the Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa are tightly knit into a single cultural entity. They are therefore not ethnic groups in the strict sense of the term. The three groups shared the same language and religious beliefs, coexisted and intermingled within the same territory, belonged to the same clans, and were subject to a single political entity: the Rwandan monarchy (Kimonyo,2016:9)”.

This highlighted how similar these groups of people were, and how thry formed part of the same society. But there society had hierarchal system which allowed for the Tutsi to live in privileged state, were they maintained wealth, and positions of power. Due to this system it has sparked the controversies and tention.

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According to Modern History Project, They established an pyramid-style political structure, with the head being an Mwami, a king of supposedly divine origin. The reign of the Tutsi Mwami over Rwanda continued for several hundred years very successfully.


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