Although dead. While watching the movie, it

Although there are several negative criticisms, I do not think that this movie deserve such as bad comments. Even western world utters that this movie can be a masterpiece despite the fact that most people of western societies do not like watching the movies regarding the middle eastern wars and manners. Before I talk about the movie, I feel like I must give some informations belonging to the movie. Incendies directed by Denis Villeneuve is a Canadian mystery drama film that tells a story about a brother and sister, twins who are sent by their mother to middle eastern in order to search for their elder brother and father. The twins feel compelled to do this because this is their mother’s will.

The journey starts by the help of flashbacks in the movie. Surely, we can understand that war is so horrible that it causes these kinds of bad and miserable things. The mother was exposed such a cruelty and she was left for dead.While watching the movie, it was so hard to guess and find out what happens in the end of the movie. I mean I could not really predict the end of the movie.

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The fact that the father and elder brother are the same person made me so surprised. The movie is a quite long but you do not complain about it while you watch till the end. The story telling is perfect. You cannot even understand how it blows while watching.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. After watching the movie, If you are not a stony person, you are probably going to feel like a rock is sitting on your heart. I mean It clearly makes you feel very sorry.


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