aluating mapped for oversight: • Commodity Price

aluating Suncor’s planning and budgeting processes annually.

Risk Oversight: Suncor obliged to a dynamic program to of enterprise risk management aims to empower decision making by solid identification and risk evaluation inseparable to its assets, activities and operations .The board supervise on Suncor’s Enterprise Risk Management Program and according to this program the senior management and CEO conduct an entity-wide process to determine, evaluate and report on the significant risks effect on Suncor’s business and address those risks, also to reduce risks the board have to work on assuring that there are systems in place for effective identification , monitor and manage the principal risks of Suncor’s business. The audit committee reviews the governance of Enterprise Risk Management program annually and guarantee that each principal risk mapped to a Board committee or the full Board.Some of Suncor’s principal risks and it’s mapped for oversight:• Commodity Price is mapped to the board of directors.• Government/Regulatory Policy and Effectiveness is mapped to EHS&SD committee.• Market Access is mapped to governance committee.• Change Capacity is mapped to HR&CC.

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